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Hello Warriors,

Please let me know if this is in the wrong place.

Seeking your wise counsel...hubby has been an auto mechanic for 23 years. He's tired of wrenching and wants to get out of it and do something on his own. I want to tap into that vast storehouse of knowledge he has and sell it online and off, so we've brainstormed a few things:

-Ebooks & ereports on what to look for when buying a used car and how to perform simple repairs
-Workshop or seminar geared toward folks who don't know much about to check fluid levels, change a tire, etc.
-Website and/or blog on how to find a good repair shop with advertisements from vetted shops
-Find a business with a large lot and advertise a day of scanning check engine lights, answering questions, and demonstrating simple repairs, with some kind of payment or JV for the business whose lot we're using.

My question: What are we missing? Is there something you'd like to see offered that no one is doing?

Thank you.
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    What about a service for those who don't know much about cars where he actually helps them go shop for cars, compares them, checks them over...that type of thing.

    If you gain their trust, you also have the option of selling them later on helping them get repairs without getting ripped off, etc.

    Maybe a membership site where they get a "free" membership with any consultation service he gives. Then through that site, he offers his other services, as well as ebooks, etc.
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      Those are great ideas! I especially like the membership site...lots of possible articles inside that brain of his.
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        I could use some PLR or something in this department. I have a local mechanic shop to help SEO and get a list going on. I don't know all that much about cars - except how to crash one into a building. LOL

        They have a storage spot that is for high end cars they are wanting to sell out. They offer services to regularly start the cars and keep them in perfect running order so when the client comes for them they are ready to ride. I need some information on the importance of all this in order to get some decent content on the site.

        Think you could put together a basic package of some kind for mechanic shops? Would maybe have a bi-monthly newsletter to talk about things seasonally to prepare the car for the next season.

        You may have a customer here.

        "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    How about allowing fellow webmasters to become affiliates to promote your products.. if you manage to get a high traffic site involved the earnings can be huge.

    Best of luck with your new project
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    "My question: What are we missing?"
    - Research.

    It doesn't help having the most awesome car-related product if no-one will buy it online.
    What are people generally looking for online, regarding cars? If you want to make money, this is something you should really focus on.

    Find a few broad keywords related to your skills and niche, head over to the google keyword suggestion tool, and find out what people are generally searching for.

    Then you will find out what kind of information people are searching for. Then, take the ones you think look good, search google for them, and see what kind of ads show up, and what they are selling/where they lead.

    And for your suggestions... You mention repairing a used car. - What about "car flipping"? People always want to make money. If you can show them how to find good deals, how to buy it, where to find it etc. then, how to "flip" it e.g. increasing the value of it. (I know polishing a car yourself can greatly increase the value of a car some times)
    , then, teach people how to sell it for profit. (Where, how etc.)
    That might be something... It will probably need some research from your side, but it could be fun and profitable.

    I'm thinking video's, and ebook, overviews, checklists, mindmaps etc.

    I don't think a seminar targeting people who "suck at cars" (lol) would be very profitable... Do you think people will pay to learn these kind of things? Maybe? But not much... There are plenty of people willing to teach them for free. (Dad for example)

    I hope that helps! Please tell me what you think about my idea's/tips =)
    - Preben

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    if you make a digital version you can supplement the earnings by sending it to basicaly what this service does is to sell physical copies from your ebook worth checking

    just my 2 cents
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    Thanks for your help everybody. Those are great ideas that are helping us refine where we want to go...with research, of course. :-)

    Avenuegirl, I will keep you posted.
    Preben and Lovelylou, awesome ideas for backend products.
    Great angle, Dave. I don't think we would have thought of that.
    Abdoue, sounds like a site I need to visit.

    Thanks again,
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