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Hey, there are all of these spam ads and ads I don't want to see on Craigslist and am wondering if there is a flagging service where I can submit 15-20 ads per day and they will be flagged down using some kind of IP switching software?

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    So - what you are really saying is you want to flag your competitor's ads? Is that right?
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      It's a mix of competition and random spammers for shipping their stuff to Nigeria....I just want the option to get any ad I want flagged...
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    I dont like what you do ,i remember when i was working hard in the past with youtube and ppd and people was flaging my videos .I was get a video ranked who was making me 20$ per day then 1 day boom my video gets flaged .Dont do that man work corectly in this field
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      I hear ya...I'll try to be prudent once I get the tools...
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