Which affiliate software/platform should we use for our affiliate program?

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Hello Warriors,
I have been with you for longer than I can remember, but never signed up until today.

My company (A service in the hosting industry) is planning to start an affiliate program where we will pay for the customers that our affiliates bring to us. The payouts could be quite high ($2500 was paid he other day for a referred customer) and I am wondering how are different affiliate management solutions perceived by potential affiliates?
We are not a young company but this is a new service that we are offering and it is not yet well known. So the last thing that we want is affiliates to be afraid that they might be shaved off their earnings, which would be a natural fear until they start earning with us.

I figured out that while going through the vast amount of platforms and self-hosted software offers available online gives me some clues and may point me in the right direction, the most important thing would be to use a solution that affiliates would find easy to use, and most importantly, will trust. And now I am searching for it, regardless if self-hosted or in the cloud, or as a part of some service like clickbank or cj.

I'd love to have your feedback and thoughts on this, and if such topic already exists, I apologise but I could not find it.

And thanks for having me!
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