I am pretty New to article marketing BUT.....

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Hello warriors,

I am pretty new to article marketing and have had some pretty good results and making a good headway with it.

But the hardest part of article market i have found is actually starting to write them. So this week I have been trying out a new method (for me) and it seems to work rather well.

This is what I do, I already have the list of keywords I want to target and so I open up word or writer and I stick that keyword term up at the top of the page and then open another word and do the same with another keyword term. I do this for about 5 articles (thats what i write a day) and I get them all done every single day and it does not seem to be much of a hard ship.

So I have been doing this and it seems to work for me. The only thing it does do is clutter the task bar up a bit but hey ho the quicker you get it done the emptier it gets I spose

I hope this helps

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