Audio Pros - How to get clicks and pops out of an audio file?

by David_Thompson 6 replies
Hey guys I have an audio recording that has a weird click and pop
that I want to get out or at least tone it down a bit, it's in wav
format, any ideas how to do that?

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    Hey Dave... a great resource to do this is Adobe Audition. I think it goes under a different name now, but it allows you to do some killer professional editing, noise reduction, limiting, etc. You can even remove background noise without effecting the vocals.

    Hope that helps,
    ~Todd Brown
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    I use SoundSoap to do that. You might also be able to use Audacity to normalize it but soundsoap makes it really easy.
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      Guys thanks for the feedback I do appreciate it
      I have been testing Sony sound forge and I'm
      working with adobe audition,1.5 to try and fix
      it but not really an audio person so it is taking
      a lot of playing with things I don't

      Thanks guys..

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        I know how that goes. I just noticed you had "audio pros" on the subject...that sure isn't me lol! I did have one that was pretty bad, it was a recorded phone interview and the interviewee was on a cell phone (big mistake). I couldn't get it right so I put out a bid on elance and someone there fixed it really nice for $20. So that might be an option for you if the software isn't fixing it like you want to. :-)
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      Originally Posted by Alan Petersen View Post

      I use SoundSoap to do that. You might also be able to use Audacity to normalize it but soundsoap makes it really easy.
      I second the SoundSoap suggestion. It's by far the best budget noise removal program out there (@ $80). It has a setting specifically for removing pops and clicks. And it's super easy to use.

      Sony Soundforge is great for what it does (audio editing), but it doesn't really have an intuitive noise removal tool built in. You can use it to manually remove most pops and clicks with the creative use of an EQ and noise gate, but most people don't know how to do that.

      And Audacity's "noise removal" is a joke.

      Much easier to use a program like SoundSoap for the job.

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        many of the noise remover making the audio kind of blurry and low the quickly.

        The methods the program use to remove the click also remove part the spectrum that belong to your talking

        The main questions is:

        Can you record it again ?

        check on a short file first a see if you any noises ?

        check if you any radio transmitters near the Mic / Mic plugs

        check the outlet some outlet are not grounded well and can cause audio distortion ?

        Take any low or free software like goldwave and see the click come with in the same time space like every 20 sec

        Hope I could help
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