What is the method to the madness in domain flipping?

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I have some good domain names for sale that actually make sense, example medicalevaluation.org or schoolbullying.net and some off the wall ones as well. My prices are around $65 BIN, nobody seems interested.

I get a weekly update from DNJournal and I can't believe the prices some domains sell for, for example; Human.ai, sold for $45,000

.ai is Anguilla it's a British overseas territory in the Caribbean, located in the northern region of the Lesser Antilles, east of Puerto Rico.
or garage.fr (france) sold for $11,000, and social.it (Italy) sold for over $8,000.

Does anyone know how to make sense of it all? I'm baffled.
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    Yeah, it's strange. But in this case maybe because human.ai
    stands for human artificial intelligence and garage translated
    to French is still garage, so a perfect EMD.
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      yea, I suppose so,
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      Yes and also branding. These are big boys plans.
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    Gene Pimentel is a leader in this industry and overall good guy. You might could learn from his products.

    Master Domaining | Daily Training on How to Master Domaining, by Expert Gene Pimentel

    NOT an affiliate link.

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      I have not much experience in domain flipping except few who i sold for good margin compared to what i spent BUT No need to baffle, single word domain, mostly dictionary word always sell at high price, no mater what extension is.

      For example social.it is good example +++ also depend on trend on particular domain niche. Domain sell price is most of time a surprise, specially for newbie..

      Look at this >>> LasVegas.com is sold for $90,000,000 ($90 Million ) is not a surprise...yes, it is but it worth...
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    You might be able to do something with those names on Godaddy Auctions or maybe one of the domainer forums. But you are usually selling to other domainers who are also dealing with .org and .net. There is a bubble with # names right now but, in general, one or 2 .com names are the safest investment for flipping and, even better and more profitable, holding for the long term.

    I'd also add that domaining in general is a precarious business. A lot of hype, fads and scandals on a fairly regular basis. Many of the domaining gurus are now getting involved with bitcoins. Go figure.
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    Gene P is highly recommended. I learned a lot from him. I have made decent money from the 15 months I have been a domainer.

    I deal in selling domains to brick and mortar businesses and mostly do outbound emails. But do get some inbound from time to time which is super nice.
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  • You're investing in the wrong extension. You should only buy .com domain names. I'm not sure where it is at now but I have a list of sites that are good to sell on. Would you like the list? If so, give me a few days to find it on my computer.
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    I have them listed on Sedo and Flippa right now.
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