What is the GOTO payment processor in Freelancing sites?

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I have a friend who wants to try some Freelancing on the side and she wanted to know what is one payment processor everyone uses for their work !

Just so you know this is not about which is better just a simple request on what is the norm that is used!

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    I always used paypal for private clients who paid me directly. For work done through the freelance site, my payments went directly into a bank acct which was used only for that purpose.

    When I said that to someone a while back they asked "what about people in countries that can't use paypal". That was irrelevant to me because those weren't the people hiring a freelancer. Might be different in other parts of the world.
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    • I have to agree. Use PayPal. It is free to set up and they don't take that much. Getting a merchant account which I have done cost way too much money.
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    The "norm" as you call it is probably Paypal, as Kay stated. It's an easy and cheap solution that most folks in the US can set up without too much difficulty when they begin business.

    However, experienced and successful freelancers often add other alternatives to cover the bases and make it easier for those who can not or will not use Paypal.

    For someone that wants to "try some Freelancing on the side" it's probably the best "beginners" solution. Paypal as the sole or only payment solution is most likely not optimum for someone that does a full time level business with clients in and outside the US.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Cheers Kay & Steve

    Just needed some info to back up what had been said by others
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    I disagree with Steve to a certain extent. 90% of my best paying clients were outside the US - and all paid with paypal. Paypal is truly an international payment option.

    The first time someone asked for an 'alternate' payment it raised a flag for me. I agreed but required 50% payment up front. Never heard from him again. Second time someone asked for "alternate" payment - I just said "no".
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    Kay, it's fine to disagree if that is your experience.

    Personally, I have had customers in the US that don't use Paypal - some have had accounts shut down so they couldn't use Paypal, and others that refuse to use Paypal because they had bad experiences in the past.

    Similarly, I have had customers outside the US that don't have Paypal accounts and want another way to make a purchase.

    It's been my experience that most of the successful online businesses that process a lot of payments from around the globe use Paypal but also have alternative payment processors that they offer.

    Of course, as I stated in my earlier post, for a beginner or someone just starting out, Paypal is probably the best alternative.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I've been freelance for many years now and I have a mix of options, but not for the cllient, they are for me.
    This is the reason: I travel a lot, and I can't use paypal funds in many of the places I go to.

    So for that reason I also open Payoneer, it is similar to paypal but it gives you a Mastercard Debit Card I can use anywhere in the world or to buy on Internet.

    I find paypal only good for those who live in the US (and some other countries) where they can get they funds on their bank account.

    Hope it helps.
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    Paypal are very clever at hiding their charges. If people are paying you in another currency then Paypal charges a 2.5% currency conversion fee when you withdraw the money, which they say is "included in the currency conversion" i.e. they convert the money then take a 2.5% cut.

    I use Transferwise instead. You can setup a business account with virtual bank accounts in other countries. So my US clients pay into my US account and the charges are nowhere near what Paypal deducts.

    Matt Ambrose Direct Response Copywriter

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    PayPal is one of popular and widely used payment processor. Most of the freelancers are using it for their freelance job. It is very easy send and receive payment through PayPal.
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    Paypal is pretty standard for this type of thing. Also, both the seller and buyer are protected.
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    PayPal is one of the best payment processor in Freelancing sites
    and this site is Relevant Payment processor in Freelancing sites
    PayPal , Payoneer , Payza , wirexapp, skrill
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