What to do with BAD advice received on this forum

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I was just going through a thread on the bad advice people are giving in this forum.

Here's the thread

And it looks like many people do not understand the implications their 'advice' can have on someone that's genuinely looking for help.

WF is one of the most helpful resources out there - I'm sure many of us can testify to that. There are tons of IM veterans here who I look up to.

But please be careful with the advice which you take. Especially newbies.

If you are faced with decisions which are not very easy to reverse, don't always take the advice of someone on WF as final. Take the time to research other sources, read, educate yourself, get the opinions of other people in the field. That will really go a long way as far as helping you make the right decisions.
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    That is the point of the other thread - to provide cautions and warnings about some of the 'bad' advice given here.

    I would say it's not only on forums. Don't believe everything you read online - amazing how many people think if it's written it must be true!

    Don't fall for rags to riches stories in every sales page - or buy things you don't need or don't understand how to use.

    Think for yourself - it's the best defense against bad advice.

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    Most new marketers don't really know what they should be asking in the first place.

    Always use your God Given common sense and intuition as to what advice you should be taken.


    It doesn't matter how 'perfect' the advice you're expecting is.

    You're bound to make mistakes right from the start.

    Most people don't want to do this (make any mistakes) and can end back and forth...starting and quitting and then starting again.

    Some people end up trying to piece together all this make money stuff ( in their heads) before taking any action at all.

    It's in the making of mistakes but most importantly...the correction of those mistakes...as to where your true learning lies.

    Success online is not black and white.

    It's not cut and dry.

    You will make mistakes and lose money / time here and there no matter what you decide to do.

    No matter what advice you are given.

    And if you aren't prepared to make any mistakes then maybe you need to stay off line.
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  • I've been a member for 6 years and am now just poking around. I haven't seen any bad advice yet, but I should keep my eye out so I don't walk down the wrong path.
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    Yes online you can find a lot of lies and some quick rich schemes .I see webinars of people where it was show to people that he make 20 000$ per day and guess what he was trying to sell as the method for 150$ .Well how the **** if you make 20 000 per day and you make a 2 hour webinar to sell a 150$ product
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