Why do I need a niche?

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Hello, I need to know WHY I need to have a niche for affiliate marketing. Would a general product review website be possible? What if I make categories and put the reviews in categories? I just need to know the reason to have my website within a niche, thank you.
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    Probably the biggest reason to stay within a niche is so that you can build a list of targeted prospects - people that have interest in the niche. As you grow your subscriber list, you grow a business asset of people that know and trust you - if you treat them well. If you help your audience and give them value (good product suggestions and advice), they will buy products on your recommendation. Wouldn't it be nice to have a list of buyers to send your affiliate offers to rather than cold prospects that don't know you from Santa Clause?


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    A niche (that you resonate with, have passion for) is very important.


    Without something that you believe in (or passion) for, you will have a hard time 'giving' VALUE to people.

    Without passion...you will have a hard time taking consistent action on income producing activities like creating traffic on the days where you aren't making $$$.
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    People love specialists. Generalists? Not so much.

    Example; to get this internet marketing advice, where did you go? The Warrior Forum, the ultimate online internet marketing resource

    You did not go to a general forum that covers internet marketing, entrepreneurial tips, tips to build an offline business.

    See what I am getting at?

    The more general you get, the more you fall into murkey, generalist waters. Not good. Folks will drop ya like a hot potato and head for the specialist, the person that devotes all of their attention and energy to working a single niche...and if you niche down a few times, all the better.
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    Well building an email list its the best thing you can do in affiliate marketing ,many gurus make theyr money with email list .And if you dont have a niche you cannot build an email list
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    Find a niche you have an interest in, sport, business, dating, health, it will be easier for you to promote something that you like, rather, than just any niche.
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    unless you are a super human, then you may run a whole department store, if not, you better start with those one-man coffee van! then you may grow up to a big coffee chain owner.

    just like why apple don't sell big tv or camera, the same thing apply to you, focus on only one kind, do it well and out beat your competitor.
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      You can`t be physically in 15 places at the same time. Affiliate marketing is the same, focus on one niche.

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    I appreciate all the responses and will plan accordingly.
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    Website Niche is very important if you are going with affiliate marketing. in this you are directly sale a product and it should be relevant to your website niche. Website niche target the particular audience for particular topic. so you put an affiliate ad as per your website niche. so product sale will increased as you have target audience and they already know about the product if they find suitable that they will purchase. Thanks
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    If you are a business man or a marketer, then the first thing that will come your way will be identifying your target audience. Unless and until you fix your niche you cannot proceed with your marketing process and neither gain success. For example if you are selling school books, then who is your target audience, who is your niche. Its the parents or guardians of the school students. In this way, for every field niche is important. Marketers who have specialized their activities with their niche is more prominently renowned as influencer marketing and micro-influencer marketing. You can even learn about it more in Techmagnate blog.

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    HI, you do need a niche, to focus well on what you will promote. better look something that has better percentage to convert, and it will be more easy for you to promote it on the suitable target audience, and make your campaign more focus on results!! It also help you not to be scattered in your campaign!!
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    Because targeting is very important when it comes to inviting the right people to your site.

    YES, you will still make sales from random folks that visit your site and end up taking a punt, but knowing what target market audience you're talking to is always going to help.

    What I would do is build a list around "Traffic Generation" for example and then try and educate your list around the fact that they're always going to NEED TRAFFIC in order to make affiliate marketing work for them.


    Or indeed, you could build a list around lead generation too.

    Once you have that list, you can then direct them to your review site and they are far more likely to BUY those products because you're sending hot, targeted traffic to that site instead of cold, unresponsive traffic.
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    When I think back, my success has been thanks alot to niche websites.The most important reason I want to build an online business . Niche sites appealed to me because they would help make this responsive sites.Niche sites are more likely to be profitable than blogging sites.
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    When you try to market to everybody you are actually marketing to no one in a sense.In a nutshell you need to indentify who your target audience is and also identify the solution to the problem that needs fixing.
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    I do know a few sites that carry reviews in a variety of categories successfully. You may have heard of them...

    > Amazon.com
    > Walmart.com
    > BestBuy.com

    I hope you see what I'm getting at.

    On the other hand, picking a niche gives you a leg up on being a big fish in a small pond rather than an insignificant minnow in a large ocean.
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      You beat me to it.

      People don't seem to fully comprehend that being the king of a small hill means you're a king and you get a lot of benefits and becoming the king of a small hill is a lot easier than being the king of a big mountain.

      Other than that, I want to add for the OP: even amazon.com and those companies are after niches. They just go after many niches at the same time, but they still niche... They don't bomb you with info about cameras if you're typing dumbbells in their search bars. And their camera pages are about cameras.

      Originally Posted by JohnMcCabe View Post

      I do know a few sites that carry reviews in a variety of categories successfully. You may have heard of them...

      > Amazon.com
      > Walmart.com
      > BestBuy.com

      I hope you see what I'm getting at.

      On the other hand, picking a niche gives you a leg up on being a big fish in a small pond rather than an insignificant minnow in a large ocean.
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    If you would like to work here for a long time, you need to work with a niche. On the other hand if you do not want the business for long time, you will not need any niece. I am if you would like to be success in the Affiliate Marketing sector, you have to work for a long duration. Thanks for your advance.
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    When youre building a site or an email list, the people who visit are usually interested in what you're offering. If your offers are too diverse, then its hard to keep track and your conversion rates will not be that high.
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