Selling E-book and List building at the same time.

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Hello Warriors. How do you actually have both? Ask the buyer after purchasing if he/she would like to be on my ezine list?

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  • Have the sign up form as part of the thank you page?
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      I am doing this right now actually. List growing but no sales
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        The best thing is to get them signed up to the list right away via pop up or forced opt-in and then send them some follow up emails to sell them the book as well. That will capture sales that don't just buy the first visit.

        Once they purchase, offer them a free bonus and have them sign up to another list (then automatically remove them from the prospect list) Now you have a list of prospects and a list of buyers.


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    You could do something like offer a "thank you" bonus on the download page. For example, offer a program, resource guide or complimentary report in addition to what you are selling. You should make sure that the thing you are offering complements what you have sold them to maximize sign-ups.


    You could offer updates to whatever you are selling.
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  • You should consider sending traffic to a "squeeze page".

    This is a page that is designed to be short, simple, and offer some kind of reason that people should join your list. Some people offer a great newsletter, some give away a free product, just do what you need to do to get that subscriber.

    After they've signed up, then send them to your sales page, or another page with some pre-selling stuff, to warm them up. Either one works.

    You should also have a sign up on your thank you page, for the people who have already bought. This is called your "buyers list", and is a good list to have seperate. You don't necessarily have to do anything with them, but it's good to have handy because you KNOW they have money, and you KNOW they spend it. You can treat them better, and usually sell higher priced stuff to them.

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      Yes, you can either have a sign-up page on your thank-you page
      or you can get them to sign up through a squeeze page!


      You can promote it both on your thank-you page and squeeze page, you
      just don't want the same traffic going to both pages, I guess!

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    I bought a product from Ewan Chia, and after the purchase, I was asked to subscribe(no other option), to get the product that I purchased.

    What do you think about that strategy? Anybody doing the same style?
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