How should I check if a product is worth selling?

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Hi guys,

I am selling supplements, but with thousands of supplements, it becomes very difficult to identify which products I should sell. My current strategy is trying to look up the monthly searches in Google keyword planner. How are you guys doing it?
Surveys are not really an option I think.

Thanks in advance!
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    You'll never know unless you'll try. I have two friends who are into selling supplements. The other one is focusing on weight loss thing - very evergreen and she has incorporated essential oils as another category. My other friend is selling workout supplements - growth hormone, joint supplement and like.

    Both of them are doing well. You just have to target the specified audience and location, a little digital marketing including social media, SEO and offline marketing.
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    Monthly searches doesn't tell you anything except how many people are looking for information about a particular, generic product. Then you can break it down a bit for buying keywords to get an idea of how many people are actually thinking about making a purchase.

    But, this is almost irrelevant to you. You need know how much competition there is for your (potential) supplements. Then you need to figure out the price that is costs you to acquire a customer.

    I can already tell you that almost every supplemement out there is going to be highly competitive. You need to be different. You're not going to compete against the, GNCs, and Vitamin Shoppes of the world unless you are different.
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    I know how you feel, the difference is I'm from the consumer's perspective.

    There are so many food supplements out there all claiming to have superb effects I don't know who to believe anymore and what to buy.

    What I would suggest is, just go for any supplement you yourself would trust and take. Part of having success in sales is having the skills to sell the products you believe for yourself to be worth it. You'll be more passionate.
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    Take a look at and

    They sell everything based on the ingredients that are backed up by clinical trials.

    If you look at realdose, they only have a handful of products but they are doing over $20mm per year.
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    Originally Posted by SupplementNL View Post

    How are you guys doing it? Surveys are not really an option I think.

    If I were in your shoes, I would research the supplement market to see what supplements are in demand, what is already selling well and at what prices/terms.

    Don't go at your business blindly. You wouldn't buy a house without checking it out in some detail first, right? Well your business requires your time and energy and the stakes are high because it could me wealth or nothing to your future.

    There are lots of threads here on the WF about doing market research. Of course, it does require a little bit of work - not too much - but wouldn't your rather understand what the supplement market wants and will pay for a product as opposed to taking a shot in the dark?

    Business is like war . . . knowledge about all aspects of the battle ground will give you a huge advantage over your enemies (competitors).

    Good luck to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    What is your competition putting the most effort and money into? What's being offered first on their sites?

    Supplement users are a lot like addicts. Find out what the current fad product is and jump on board.

    I currently see a lot of advertising for Nugenix.
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    Are you doing the private label and reselling them with fulfillment thing?

    Working on three potentially large scale business projects backed by investors.
    If you'd like to chat or network with me, add me on Skype: charlesgmullen0.

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    The kind of supplements in demand haven't changed. They have only become more popular:

    * Whey protein (Optimum Nutrition seemingly offering an attractive range of flavours as always).
    * Branch Chain Amino Acids (Those which aren't present in whey).
    * Weight Gainer (maltodextrin blends)
    * 'Pump' powders (nitric oxide vasodilators)
    * Herbal testosterone boosters (Tribulus, horny goat weed, cissus etc)
    * Chemical testosterone boosters (whatever loophole exists for having changed a molecule in the last banned blend).
    * Joint Support (Omega 3, Cissus, Glucosamine sulphate etc).
    * High strength Multi Vits (Animal Pak, Grenade Ration Pack, Opti Performance Pack, ISS Super Vitamin Pack).
    * Protein Bars (Oh Yeah, Flapjacks, Quest).

    The most significant difference between 10 years ago and now is the manufacture and retail of many protein foods such as bite size treats, muffins etc which appeal to those people who workout but treat sugar as the enemy,

    A lot of people have ventured into selling bulk frozen food and ready meals aimed towards 'bodybuilders'. Cheesy ventures but people are biting.
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    The best product to sell are the ones you see value in for yourself.

    My wife never sold supplements but she did sell Avon.

    And she did very well because she was actually sold on their products first.

    In the can have the best product in the world to offer.

    But products don't sell by themselves.

    People will buy into YOU 'first' and your products and services second.
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    I have to agree. It all depends on how you market yourself and then your products. And you never know what can go viral from one day to the other. Just keep experimenting.
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    Search on at read the ratings and reviews of various supplements. Find the ones that are the most appreciated by people.
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    Are you an affiliate, or do you own your own storefront where you stock and houuze(??) multitudes of supplements? Either way it goes, the products wont sell themselves. No matter which one(s) you pick to sell, your MARKETING will be the deciding factor the determines whether or not they will work for you. Everything begins with a demand/void/want...start here.
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