Suggestions for an evergreen product?

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I am looking for an evergreen product, (prefer not a dropship/amazon type) that has some success with the users.

I would like to purchase the product and do the work that the system calls for. I would then like to be an affiliate for said product.

I am not a newbie I have done this before in other niche, I would like to do in IM.

But would love some suggestions of products that have been helpful to WF members and is evergreen and won't stop being sold tomorrow.

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    "IM" is internet marketing. If you've done in one niche, you can do it in another.
    There are tens of thousands of products and thousands have affiliate programs. The question is extremely broad. Can you narrow it down a bit?

    Are you referring to the 'make money online' niche? If so, that is the one niche where it can be difficult to find an 'evergreen' product.
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      Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

      Are you referring to the 'make money online' niche? If so, that is the one niche where it can be difficult to find an 'evergreen' product.
      Nearly impossible.

      Go with web hosting or autorespondors.
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    yes a MMO product.
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      Originally Posted by alleycatnews View Post

      yes a MMO product.

      As Kay and Brent have suggested, finding evergreen products can be a difficult task. IMO, the best way to find an evergreen product is to focus on a specific niche (not MMO) but some sub-niche or narrow segment of a niche that is not so much affected by technology. Why? Technology changes quickly.

      Look for products that are in narrow niches within broader timeless markets that will still be relevant after years like ...
      • self improvement
      • copywriting
      • graphic design
      • public domain
      • money management
      • health and wellness
      • relationships
      What I have given you are some suggestions of broader markets that each have many, many specific sub-niches that could be profitable. To me, at least, these markets harbor some niches that won't change drastically from year to year.

      The very best to you,


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    You have to find that products people are looking for.
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  • Gotta figure an eternal life elixir got historical appeal.

    An' if it ain't broke, why fix it?

    Problem is, said elixir is mebbe more evergreen desirable than evergreen product.

    So I guess a solution to your conundrum might be to list alla the plus points an eternal life elixir got (jus' as a kinda philosophical exercise) an' cross off alla the stuff you cannot deliver.

    Anythin' left on your list might be sumthin' people want ... that you got.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff together.

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    thanks all for your posts I was looking for specifics. I remember back a few years ago in MMO a lot of products on clickbank some continued to be there but not updated etc... I think Brunson had one years ago as well.

    I will keep looking thanks.
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    you can check this i think this is must evergreen products
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