Considering starting a gaming Youtube channel. Evaluating possible names and instructions.

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I suspect there may be a WF forum that better fits this post. If so please point me in the right direction. Thank you!

I've been playing DOTA2 for a while now, but I only recently started using a mic to talk to team mates that aren't my friends IRL.

In the two weeks I've been using it I've been asked if I have a Youtube channel 8-10 times.

That seems to me to be decent market validation, and since I'm playing the game anyway I would think it wouldn't cost much additional time compared to most other projects.

If you know of some top notch resources for getting a budding Youtube channel started off on the right foot I'd love to get some reading material, action steps plan and/or video tutorials on the subject. There are so many of these kinds of tutorials out there that manually sifting through them for the highest quality ones can't be pragmatic. Shoot me some links and I will be forever grateful.

By the way, It's not that I'm great at the game; I'm not. But I think there's a market for people who are just a bit less developed than I am to gain something from watching someone a bit above their level rather than trying to absorb talent from the chasm of superiority between my skill range and the real professionals that so many people watch.

I've found I don't mind explaining to my team my reasoning for doing certain things, explaining certain basic/intermediate concepts and guidelines to follow that are somewhat lagging behind in many players at my skill level.

I treat my team mates with respect and value their opinions. I encourage them to openly disagree with me and make clear that I'm not a pro and by hearing their ideas it improves my own skills as well. When I fu... screw up, I admit it and explain what I could have done better. My "commendations" from other players has skyrocketed since introducing the mic.

I've been using a "sign-off" at the end of the game that people seem to respond well to: See ya around the Dotaverse.

I'm looking to brainstorm a broad array of ideas that could fit with that "brand".

There are at least a couple factors to be considered when evaluating possible names. If you think of more, please do share your thoughts.

The term "Dotaverse" is already a bit long, so shorter modifiers are preferred. At a certain length, (I'll go hunt for the details on this) the name is cut short and requires a player to "mouse over" in order to see the full name. Additionally I plan to personally identify as 3DPrintedWaffles, so I may want to include a (3DPW) at the beginning or end of the name, length permitting.

I wrote a bunch of ideas down and I'm excited to hear your opinion about them. They tend to mostly follow a particular theme of "exploring the dotaverse", which I like but anticipate there are other entirely different and likely better approaches that might be fleshed out through getting more opinions. If you have thoughts or ideas on this theme or others, I would greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts.

I'll put my favorite 5 at the top, then the rest of them below. Feel free to just check out the top 5 if you get tired of looking at a list of mediocre ideas


And the rest:

Delving into the
Canvassing the
Adventuring the
Trip Thru The
Voyage Thru The
Whirling Thru the
Navigating the
Sailing the
Roving the
Roaming the
Pilotting the
Hiking the
Navigating the
Shlepping the
Surveying the
Exhibiting the
Mapping the
Roughing the
Sporting the
Strolling the
Wandering the
Ranging the
Rallying the

If you've made it this far, please accept my many thanks for reading this exorbitantly long post. I look forward to reading your ideas, advice, and productive criticisms.
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    Hey you can go to fiverr and look in the Business/Branding Services category. A great guy named jonbaas can help you out. He's very creative and I ordered from him quite a few times. Hope that helps
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      Cool, I've got him pulled up and it looks like his rating is through the roof. I'll definitely give him a try.

      Do you know of any way I could get this post in front of more eyeballs? Is there a better fitting sub? I'm hoping to get at least ten or so responses to help think this through with me.

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      I got my order in from jonbaas and it is excellent. Well researched, fully thought through and well reasoned. He absolutely delivered. I mentioned your WF name as my reference.
      Thanks for the tip!
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    I'm sure plenty others on here will know of better video links than me, but in regards to the rest of your post:

    Seems to me like you've developed your angle and have targeted a sizeable potential audience (I can't say I'm an expert in online gaming but I appreciate the numbers involved) - focus on that when you're promoting and marketing your channel.

    With your branding I wouldn't spend too much time overthinking it - you've clearly shortlisted your five favourites, so scrap the rest and go for one. For what it's worth I like TrekkingTheDotaverse (alternatively take the advice of THE guru himself, Erlich Bachman and choose something that "you can shout out during intercourse"). Either way, don't dwell on it too much.

    In terms of hiring people for branding etc, that's fine but to create a logo for a YouTube channel do you really need to spend money at this stage? I don't know your design background but is it possible you can knock something simple up on Vectr or Pixlr?

    A lot of people here will also tell you to focus on what you're good at; you can clearly write very well, maybe you can back your channel up with some sort of blog/website with further insights about the game, with the potential to monetize and explore other avenues later on?

    Either way, the beauty of what you're proposing is that there are no (or very little) costs to what you're doing. It sounds like you could be on to a good thing, so for now instead of pouring through hours of YT videos, get the basics set up and start spreading the word while you play. Also - this should go without saying - start promoting on other social media channels. Always a free and easy way to attract traffic.

    Good luck!
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      Thank you so much for your thorough, outstanding reply!

      I think the blog/website idea is great and fits well with the way I handle situations in game. At my level of play the key mistakes people make are actually relatively few in number, but high in volume and impact. Setting up a page where I can list my "Basic Guidelines" could save a lot of time repeating myself.

      I'm taking what you've said to heart about just getting started and not overthinking titles and whatnot. For the record, TrekkingTheDotaverse is also my current favorite.

      However... for whatever reason my brain seems stuck on this one theme from which all of my title options have germinated, leaving me feeling like I've barely scratched the surface of compelling, clever, and/or orgasm-screaming titles.

      What I'd like to do is over the course of a day or two is to get feedback and ideas from as many people as possible to draw from a wider pool of thought and themes. I likely may end up sticking with what I've got, but I feel there could be great value in drawing from different perspectives to precipitate some alternative creative angles. But rest assured, I won't dilly or dally. That would be Bachmanity.

      I was delighted to receive an email from Warrior Forum yesterday that provided a great morale boost.

      "Hey 3DPrintedWaffles,

      Your thread - Considering starting a gaming Youtube channel. Evaluating possible names and instructions. -has been chosen as one of the best discussions on the Warrior Forum today and has been placed on the front page. To get more discussion going, share the thread on social media via the links below. Thanks!"

      While this is obviously a positive sign, I'm a bit surprised it hasn't resulted it more comments and activity in the thread. During the day or two I want to spend nailing down my brand, I'd like to get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Do you (or anyone) have any tips for getting a single-use burst of people to the post?

      I want to get as much feedback as possible to make these couple days worthwhile.

      Thanks again for your awesome response. I hope we can stay in touch and perhaps there is something I can do to pay you back for your time, insight and Silicon Valley references.


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        You're welcome - sent you a PM
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          I'm blown away by how unintuitive the WF mail system is. Where the **** is the reply button? I'm not even sure how I opened your pm to begin with. I can click your name and send a new PM, but that's beside the point. I can't believe I have to ask this.
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            It should be just under the body of the message? Maybe you've got restrictions on your PMs or something?
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              Must be. I've clicked just about everything and can't even open your message again. Had to export it as a .txt to get another look at it. Tried switching browsers to Firefox and still nothin. Whuuuuuudever.

              Anyway, thanks again. I'll PM you tomorrow with updates.
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                I don't know if the message was so insightful as to warrant a browser change but definitely a strange case - I'd say maybe try mailing one of the admins/mods but that would be a silly suggestion given the problem!

                Roger, no worries bro.
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    Why would people watch you when they can watch pros?

    It's like watching the golden gloves instead of professional boxing.

    I haven't played DOTA, but for every other games, what the pros are saying is not exactly rocket science. Difficult to execute sure, but the basic concept is easily grasped.
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      Originally Posted by socialentry View Post

      Why would people watch you when they can watch pros?

      It's like watching the golden gloves instead of professional boxing.

      I haven't played DOTA, but for every other games, what the pros are saying is not exactly rocket science. Difficult to execute sure, but the basic concept is easily grasped.
      The chasm between amateur and pro play is incredibly vast. Players at my level need to get some real basic stuff through their heads and stay disciplined to, which is what I'll focus on.

      I can't be certain that it's gonna work, but as mentioned in the post, since I began using the mic recently about 10 people have asked if I had a Youtube channel unprompted.
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    Have you thought about Twitch? Seems a better fit than Youtube
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    Yes I'll probably use Twitch as well once I get the rest of it together. My understanding is that Twitch has a greater focus on live streaming, which isn't what I'm looking to do. At this point it will probably be about 1 in 3 games that serve as the right kind of examples that I want to post.
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    Then use Twitch to broadcast to by default and upload your select edits to youtube.
    You can build a following leveraging both at the same time.
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      It's not a bad idea, though a big part of my "brand" will be about teamwork and communication strategies, and sometimes (far too often) teammates are unwilling or unable to suggest any input and/or participate in the team-wide strategies. I'd rather not have those videos anywhere near my "brand" at this point. They would be almost valueless for a viewer to watch. I want to keep the quality and density of useful information high, especially at launch.

      As I get better I might find ways to better work with such problematic teammates, which at that point could become part of the lesson itself as well as free up the opportunity to stream live.

      I imagine it's possible to use Twitch and not stream live, in which case I'll likely do that with the videos that reach the same quality threshold for the YouTube ones.

      Thanks for the tip!
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        Originally Posted by 3DPrintedWaffles View Post

        It's not a bad idea, though a big part of my "brand" will be about teamwork and communication strategies, and sometimes (far too often) teammates are unwilling or unable to suggest any input and/or participate in the team-wide strategies. I'd rather not have those videos anywhere near my "brand" at this point. ...
        But this is the true environment of MPGs.

        If you are intending to broadcast on either twitch or youtube, I would look into joining a broadcaster "ring" / Network in order to help with development of your audience. It is difficult to gain a meaningful following unless you are particularly entertaining. Do spend time and find a few broadcasters that model the kind of broadcast / persona you're thinking that you would be most like.
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    FINALLY another gamer comes to the Warrior Forum (I'm a big Overwatch fan).

    One of the biggest influencers / entertainers in the Overworld is a guy called dunkey:

    6 mil views in 10 months, that's a proverbial truckton of hits, then again this guy has been doing it for a few years. I'll take a look into what he did to get initial traffic and launch, but I would say the important thing is to post frequently, and post consistently. Channels have a tendency to die otherwise.

    Going around through what you're pushing with "trekking, exploring, travelling, touring etc.." I'd say they're all quite equal as far as the gravity of the names.

    Maybe something like MasterDotaverse? I'm just drawing suggestions from my experience and procrastinations with Overwatch. Imitation is the ultimate form of flattery...

    One of our ex-warrior staff Jimmy works at now, I should probably catch up with him to see what they're working on
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    • Profile picture of the author 3DPrintedWaffles
      Heh that's pretty awesome. Lets stay in touch as I try to get this thing going. Let me know if you're able to get in contact with Jimmy!
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    • Profile picture of the author bigtherman

      I joined this because I'm about ready to start my own YouTube gaming channel and this topic got my attention.

      I'm with Marcus - I think MasterDotaverse sounds good. It puts you into an "expert" category.

      Good luck with it!
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    Or for beginners:
    You could add a subheader which says something like:
    Join the Dotas
    Trekking the Dotaverse
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    this is not the point, i see with my clients, they try to get the perfect name, and never get started.

    Just get something goin, rmeember you can always go back and change a name., the main message here it to get something going, ACTION BREEDS RESULTS>
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    I used to promote MMORPG guides, free sign-ups, and other fun stuff.

    My site was Quasi-WOW specific - Warcraft Guide Center. The only problem with that and something I wish I would have thought through farther is; I eventually had info. and promotions for nearly 40 different games on the site.

    Fortunately for me, "Warcraft" fits them all.

    If you are going to brand your self across the net I suggest you do just that and brand yourself. Failing that I would go with a generic (not lame generic) handle that is easily remembered. Tying yourself to a specific game may be short-sighted.

    There is a ton of money and traffic in gaming, don't limit yourself.

    Something to think about.

    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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