Where do I go from here?

by sm97os
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Hello Everyone!

I really enjoy reading the informative posts on this site and it has inspired me to really try my hand at internet marketing. About a month ago I dove right in and created my own ebook. It is in a niche that I researched and felt like I could not only compete in, but also make some sales. So far here is where I stand:

-researched and decided on niche and keywords
-purchased domain name
-created ebook (80 pages)
-applied for copyright for ebook (awaiting approval)
-purchased PLR bonuses to package with ebook.
-created custom covers for ebooks and bonuses using photoshop
-created sales page, terms of service, and privacy policy
-signed up and activated clickbank vendor account
-decided on price point and commission %
-created aweber account
-put opt in box on sales page to give away first chapter of book
-put opt in box on sales page and offered lifetime updates

So basically my product is now LIVE in clickbank! Which for me is a huge accomplishment. I never thought I would get this far, since I don't have any experience in marketing at all.

But now I am kind of stuck. I am not sure where to go from here. I would like to get a lot of sales from affiliates, but I know that I dont really have any conversion stats to show them yet. I also don't have a list. So I guess I need to get some traffic to my site and start making some sales. I am not really keen on using PPC yet, simply because I am pretty much flat broke. So I am focusing on organic traffic, which I know will take a while.

From what I have read here, I guess I am looking at:
-building up backlinks (I am a subscriber to angela and Paul)
-writing and submitting articles
-creating a blog off my main URL and linking to articles in that blog
-social bookmarking
-linkwheeling web 2.0 props

Does that sound about right? I guess I can build a site and create a product pretty well, but I am still in the dark about how to market the dang thing!

Thanks for all your help and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

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