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Hey Guys,

I just wanted some advice from those of you who run or have run a web design business.

I have have just finished my site for my new web design business and am targeting small businesses and sole traders in my local area who need professional looking static sites. I'll be using squarespace.

I was wondering what you guys thought of website packages and whether you have had any success selling them to clients?

I know a lot of web designers don't do this and prefer to discuss a clients requirements first and then quote them.

As I am building fairly basic websites I think I can get the majority of info I need from a form so was thinking of selling packages which prompts you to fill the requirements needed for the site and then agreeing to a contract before paying at checkout. I ask them to pay half upfront and the remaining half upon completion. The price I have put for the packages suit the time frames I know i can complete the sites in.

I have seen a few top web agency's use this model for smaller sites.

Have any of you used this model and was it successful for smaller businesses?

Any advice would be really appreciated!

Thanks in advance for anyone who replies.
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