Want to launch an online course for real estate agents. Total noob

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I have been helping real estate agents use video to create local celebrity and drive business. I teach them to create HGTV quality videos and promote them through organic and paid channels to get awareness.

Im in real estate so I know the lingo and the pain point intametely.

What im learning is the best way to do this is with a list.

My question is. Have any of you launched a course through only fb ads and other ppc? Or should I concentrate on list building with a lead magnet first?
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    It's the difference between launching your product with some momentum or starting from scratch - zero.

    Personally, I would begin building a list to qualify those who subscribe. You will know that they are interested in hearing from you . . . and if you give them helpful, valuable information in the niche, they will be much more apt to purchase your course in the future.

    Gain some subscribers and offer them access to your course (or maybe some part of your course, like a "lite" version). Nurture them, help them along, all the time "pre-selling" what your course has to offer. Get some course testimonials from them to help your upcoming launch.

    I would also recommend a little paperback book called Launch by Jeff Walker. Get it at Amazon - it's not expensive. It is a great read for anyone that plans to do any kind of a course, product, or web site launch. Jeff is the recognized expert in the topic when it comes to online product launches.

    The best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    • This is great advice. Thank you very much. Im going to start implementing this now. I have a small list of about 25 of them. but I havent been nurturing it.
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    Mark, if you have a list of 25 people, I would follow this process:

    1.) Send your subscribers a mail and let them know that you are thinking of creating a new course about TOPIC XYZ but you are not sure if enough people are interested in that topic.
    2.) Add a call to action to your email for them to take action, reply back to your email with "YES" or anything like that.
    3.) Make sure to send the same email to your unopened ones too so that you reach enough people. But you should change the subject line and the first 1-2 sentences of that 2nd or 3rd email.
    4.) Create an outline for your course (I would use google docs)
    5.) Send another email to your list and let them know that you have good news... (enough people are interested, and now you're going to create the outline of the actual course)
    6.) Wait for a few days... create an outline of your course in the meantime inside google docs or something you can send your subscribers
    7.) When you're done with the outline, send another email to your list.
    8.) Let your subscribers know that you've created the outline and that you're going to create this course in the next days and let them know that you're going to give 5 or 10 people the opportunity to buy this course for a huge early bird discount of... I'd say at least a discount of 60-70%. The purpose of it is not to make as much money as possible, but to gain testimonials and success stories while still making money.
    9.) Add a checkout button to your google doc file so they can buy the course for the early bird special price.
    10.) Send the last email to the unopened ones again (make sure to change the subject line and the first 1-2 sentences of the email too).

    Once you get some sales and some success stories I would make a bigger launch.

    Hope this helps.

    If you have any questions, let me know
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    Simplytheniceguy...that was awesome stuff! What you just shared can be the premise for a product that teaches others how to do product launches.
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    the first thing is BUILDING A LIST around your topic of people interested.

    Why dont you record a short video and then sell in that list and as a thank you page a COACHING about this?

    So you dont waste your subscribers time selling things people dont want and go directly to what you have to offer.
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    It is a great idea indeed! I would like to take such course too and hope you will be able to make it soon. I would also like to help you with advertising if you want. If you want to launch a good education resource, I would like it to be like te blog at https://www.glamourapartments.com/services-for-sellers/ for example. It is a really very cool and helpful website where both beginners and experienced investors can learn something new. Share it here when you finish your course, please!
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