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I'm a freelance graphic artist with an unusual new logo/branding assignment. A doctor who's started a psychology podcast (soon to be YouTube channel) and simultaneously has a rock band wants me to make a logo/visual identity that ties the two projects together. They relate in a broad sense in that they both deal with the human condition, but I'm questioning how to approach this and whether or not having one logo simultaneously represent these two media entities would be sensible. What's more, the podcast and band will essentially have the same name, just plural for the band and singular for the podcast (i.e. the White Stripe podcast; the White Stripes band).

I'm concerned that this unification in name and logo could lead to confusion among the different audiences, one being Americana/country-rock music fans, and the other being podcast listeners/YouTubers. One has to ask: What binds the two media's content other than the fact that they're operated by the same person? And is it an impractical attempt at acquiring easy cross-exposure and thereby killing two birds with one stone?

He has noted that these are pet projects and not necessarily something he hopes to gain major financial success with. Nevertheless, he wants to invest a considerable amount of production into both entities, and therefore, I think the same basic principles of branding and marketing should apply as if they were for-profit ventures.

In terms of logo design, perhaps it would be wise to have two separate but similar styled/colored logos for each venture? As far as the name goes, I'm not sure what the best approach would be. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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