What are the proper steps to build decent website in 2017?

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Hey everyone,

My site is a health related site and would kindly love to know what are the proper steps. I am obviously tired of reading all thousands of different opinion on the internet, since most of them have a just one goal, to earn money and not tell you the truth.

Since I don't want to use tricks to get to some highest spots in the google search results, I have to say that I like to grow site naturally and honestly.

I remember ten years ago, when I was working on the internet the things were different. I remember that some people were building a net of blogs that were interlinked between each other and the main site.

That still works today?

How about promoting your main site via article submission sites? Is that a good idea these day or more obsolete?

Social media seems like a waste of time? Better used paid options?

People who know the truth about building a solid website that will trully generate traffic knows that true steps and true way.

I will be trully glad to everyone who will share his opinion. I rather get infromation that leads to hard work, than information that leads to fast results which doesn't stand on a long term.

Kindly let me know about it.
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    It depends on your end goal and your business model.

    Are you blogging? Do you have awesome content to share?

    Or are you running an e-commerce store? Or are you into affiliate marketing?

    My general approach is; give people content that helps them out and then offer them a product that gives them faster results.

    > people were building a net of blogs that were interlinked between each other and the main site

    Google came down on that. You can still do it, but not in the same way.

    > How about promoting your main site via article submission sites?

    Google came down on those too. But you can still do it, I know people who are still doing that and getting results.

    > Social media seems like a waste of time?

    No, it's pretty good if you have decent content.

    > Better used paid options?

    By far the best option, in my experience, at least until your site gets established.
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      My site is in slovenian language and made for slovenian public. Well it's health related site but all I want is to live from it, since the content gives people information based on personal experience which are far more valuable than all theories. I worked on design myself but since you asked you can check it yourself at Vir Modrosti - Zdravje je na prvem mestu

      Since I didn't work much on traffic, I hoped that will grow itself slowly by visitors who'll like the site and the content.

      I should probably make facebook or twitter page as I understood. But I am happy to hear that no hard work will be needed to be done through article submissions. I rather work on the content to give people true value and hope that site will grow fine. I am doing this for slovenian martket but probably the basic rules for SEO are the same everywhere.

      Thank you for your answers, Michael.

      Your information directed me to on the proper way to sucess. I thought that google gets in the right way, but I still find out that too many topics that talks about marketing rather than that are made for the money.
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