What is the best service to use to host a merchant account?

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I'm building an online store and I'm looking for the fastest and most reliable host.
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    What is the amount you are willing to spend for that ?
    What exactly do you want besides best service ? With several platforms out there you are going to have several different opinions suggested in the next several posts. If a host is reliable that could be more important then a ultra fast site. From time to time each site will have a issue once in awhile.
    I liked shopify when I used them for a brief time. But there is also Magento, and a few other excellent ones. Also look at the e-commerce section.

    Here are non affiliate links to them

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    Take a look at Big Commerce. They are not the cheapest but their list of features and their track record is impressive. They also provide top notch security which is an issue with some other platforms.


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    Shopify would be a really great option for anyone just starting out. Definitely check them first and look for alternatives later.
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    I would suggest you create a site on Wordpress with woocomerce Plugin.
    Make sure the Host is a good one as it affects the website ranking a lot.
    Make sure you use Cloudflare for speed and security
    implement wordfence for server security.

    Load products and pricing . Once the site is ready make sure you double check all these 4
    Refund Policy
    Disclaimers and cookie policy

    Once all done now its the time for you to look at the payment processing options

    1:- Credit Debit Card Processing
    2: Echeck processing for USA and Canada
    3:- Vouchers Processing
    4:- Crypto currency processing

    Once you have some processing options available then find a good logistic partner and wait for the order.

    Ship the product and send the copy of the POD.. Proof of delivery to the buyer with a thank you note. This will help you prevent chargebacks

    You should also use a chargeback alert solution so that you may prevent fraud and lower the chargeback ratio. This will ensure you have a great relationship with the processing company.

    All the very best.

    Merchant Account Consultant at www.quadrapay.com Love to talk about The Payment Industry|

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    I guess Ovh is the best
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    Yes it may be but i have never tried. I have used Godaddy , 1and 1,hostgator...one.com but have limited info about other brands .

    Merchant Account Consultant at www.quadrapay.com Love to talk about The Payment Industry|

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    Are some reliable options you can look out..
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    I would suggest you create a site on Wordpress with woocomerce Plugin.
    I'm in the process of doing this after spending a week with Shopify's free trial.

    For a newbie, Shopify would be great, but if you know how to build websites it's really not the best solution IMO.

    Also, my limited experience with their support gets a D- grade. Again, that's just my opinion.

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    If you are looking at Wordpress woocommerce, I would suggest pressidium, platform.sh or pantheon.io.
    For drupal commerce I would suggest acquia, platform.sh or pantheon.
    You can see some overlap there

    If you are looking to roll your own and control your own server, OVH is my go to.

    Big Commerce and Shopify for less hands on.
    Not a fan of Magento, but that's more a personal issue.

    Any questions, let me know.
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