How do people create powerful and attractive Infographics for their WSO Sales page?

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Sorry for my negligence, but I was wondering if there is any tool or template to create the Sales page.
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    IMO, infographics aren't usually a part of sales pages.

    But yes, there are both tools and templates that are sold to assist in building sales pages.

    Armand Morin sells a Sales Page Software Generator, just as one example.

    Lead Pages, Ontraport, ThemeForest, and ThriveThemes all offer sales pages as part of their packages or themes.

    Do your homework, Google what you're looking for, and you should be given lots of alternatives. Your own budget, what you're selling, and how enticing a particular sales page is to you will help you to decide which option is best for your situation.


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    Just copy from the one you like and improve it your-self. You can use Photoshop or Or you can get the basic template by hiring new designer on who's willing to do it in exchange for your excellent/positive review.

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