What to do with this type of customer?

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someone but my courses and tried3 times.
if i said him to go for right he always go to left .in my sales page i have sid that if any person constantly work 10days and have not got any success i will refund his/her money.
he dos not tried 10days ,he treid 3days and knock me for support . i have supported him ten days.he was using 250 words article just spammy articles with mobile number.
i have created a sample article and send him and tell him to try to do by using this formate.he treid again but not followed my sample article .
when we were doing conversation he suddenly disputed on paypal .i asked him to withdraw dispute because i was supporting him till that time.
then he was abusing using hindi language ,i understand hindi a little bit he was threating me that he will destroy my reputation and will destroy my paypal bla bla .
i have submitted all the documents to paypal and paypal dispute is on my favor .again he was distributing my courses on blackhat sites and on facebook.
what i can do with this type of customer.
**sorry for my poor english
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