YouTube Video Ranking Software? Has anyone used them?

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Been looking around and see that there is some YouTube video ranking software, never used them so was looking for peoples opinions who have used them?

Do any work?
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    You can Start with Vid IQ they even have a chrome addon also
    I gave it a try when I was on youtube.
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    To be honest, they're very much hit and miss for a number of reasons.

    But mostly, it's because they work based on loopholes that YouTube fix all the time. So you can spend a lot or very little on a software and it will be useless in a few weeks or months.

    The best way to grow on YouTube is knowing how to use the algorithm to your advantage because that's where you'll see REAL growth, and its LONG TERM.
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    I would strongly urge you to forget 'shortcut' products like ranking softwares. You gotta work for your results online. Focus more on putting out 'value' based videos every day instead of trying to beat a dead horse. Not saying your content is a dead horse. The dead horse is the idea of trying to squeeze every last drop out of your videos that are already made instead of focusing on putting out more energy to the marketplace.
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    Most of them only help you to get data for your own consideration. You still have to work on your own to rank your video using whatever those software provide you.

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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  • I used few YouTube software for ranking, and I received more views but the ranking is not improved, it is waste of time.
    Do not use any software for YouTube Ranking, share the videos in the social media it will be worth.

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      I use VidIQ to track keyword score, views, average time per viewer and social media engagements.

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    I have used Trifecta Ranking System, this is not software but a great system and it always improves the ranking of my videos.

    Using the title of your video as a keyword helps and also having 250 words of text in your description helps - I have got lots of my videos to the top of search engines using this - it is surprising how many people have no content in their description area.

    Hope this helps.

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    Now video ranking software is not usable, we have just need to follow the SEO Guidelines for video to rank. Video ranking software can penalized you.
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    TubeBuddy is a popular app with a chrome extension that can help with a variety of YouTube optimization techniques. Free and paid versions.
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    Tools to keep track with subscribers and do deep analysis is what most YouTubers use.
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