Should I Be Building a List of My Own Promoting an Email Submit Offer or Go Straight to Offer?

by anue
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Greetings Warriors,
I'm setting up a social media profile to promote an Email Submit offer. The challenge is that I have not yet been approved because I haven't set up the profile; and I can't see the affiliate materials until I get approved, so I don't know how an Email Submit offer would/should actually work.

Question for those warriors with Email Submit experience: Should I use the strategy I learned which is to grow a list of my own using a lead magnet opt-in, then redirect to the offer or just redirect straight to the offer from my social media profile since its email submit and not a sale?

It's an NFL offer, which is hot this time of year but I'll have to figure out how to keep them engaged during the off-season. < I'd appreciate any guidance on keeping NFL fans engaged during the off-season as well.

Thanks so much,
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    I would suggest that you first find several email offers in your niche. Since your offer is NFL, try to find several offers related to NFL. Note: They don't all have to be free to sign up offers.

    Next...Create a lead page to capture leads before you send them to your offer.

    Put a banner or link to your free sign up offer on your thank you page.

    Use an autoresponder to follow up with your subscribers with the other affiliate offers that you found.
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      Thanks @webmarke. I do have two offers, one is a $24 sale and the other is email submit. Your advice is similar to an upsell -- ok, here's X, now take a look at Y -- I get it.

      Thanks, I'll do that.
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    That's good advice by Webmarke,

    having a list gives you the option to contact a potential customer endless times and build up a relationship with prospects - whereas you only have one chance otherwise.

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      Thanks for that insight @Ged3. That's just what I was hoping for -- more insight on the why
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