How to start a web hosting and domain company?

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I am new to internet marketing field
My Question is How I can to start my own web hosting and Domain company ?
I know we can buy reseller hosting and make money from selling hosting.
But my purpose to start new company(my own).

I will really appreciate your advice. Thanks.
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    No Any Answer?
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    Build a time machine and go back in time 15-20 years.

    Why would you want to go into this incredibly competitive and saturated field without even having the knowledge to do it?
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    Thanks Your Reply.
    Yes, You are saying true.
    But It is a my ambition.
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    Read through this forum:

    Running a Web Hosting Business | Web Hosting Talk

    and in particular this thread:

    So, you want to start a web hosting business and you donĀ't know what to do? | Web Hosting Talk

    Even though that thread is over 10 years old much of it is still relevant.
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    Ambition is not enough, you must also be knowledgeable.

    Unless you are willing to invest tens of thousands on your own server setup and implementation charges, you'd need to be a senior server administrator who doesn't shy away from the hardware itself.

    Reselling hosting services is a much better option since you could establish your own brand with it. If you can see that you are able to bring new clients to you, you will always be able to expand, then you will be able to implement your services on VPS, Dedicated Servers and so on.

    All in all, you would first need to start with a reseller option, methinks.
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      Thanks For Reply.
      I Think reseller option best to me(begin)....
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