Membership site pricing question

by BJ Min
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i have noticed lots of membership charging around
only $5 for 1st month and then something like $39.95
every month after that...

i've seen several membership sites like this and was
wondering if this was taught by some kind of membership
site guru...

for those of you who have had much experience in
membership sties, what's your advice in pricing?

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    you can do you own split price testing and see which works
    best for you.
    The price point has to have a balance with the products
    being offered as well.
    There is a very delicate balance that you may have to find out
    which will work best on your own.

    Something new soon.

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      Theres a number of ways to do pricing for a membership site- it all comes down to testing which works best for you.
      You can do a $0 trial, a $1 trial, no trial. I haven't seen $5 before, but again, maybe they tested and that works best for them.

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    You have to match it with your market..

    Also your content to..
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    I've done some research in the area of membership pricing. There are mainly 3 different ways:

    1. To encourage more signup: 1st month fee is lower or even free.
    2. To discourage cancellation and rejoining: 1st month fee + admin fee
    3. To increase upfront revenue: one time fee (e.g. 30 months x monthly fee)
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