How to talk with a vendor in Clickbank?

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I'm a newbie in affiliate, want to promote product on clickbank. But, I don't know how to contact vendor What should I do? Thanks
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    Look if there is any contact info on the sales page (footer) or maybe CB can help out. Contact them and see...
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    DanielBlue I completely agree with you on this point.

    FranklinNguyen if you'd like to get in touch with a vendor you can either check out the sales page footer and if there's a support link, submit a ticket with your request.

    OR... what I personally would do, in case the vendor doesn't use a fake name, you could try to search him/her on Facebook and send them your request via pm.

    One point to consider here is that you shouldn't approach them in a rude way... what I mean by that is you should talk to them in a way you would like someone strange talk to you. Some small talk, maybe you wanna appreciate their work etc.

    Based on my own experience, I don't personally don't like people who ask for a review copy without them even requested their link yet. What I also don't like is when people, especially on Warriorplus or JVZoo, request their link to promote, and especially when they are fairly new to the affiliate marketing world, and they don't leave any short text about how they intend to promote my offer.

    For a vendor it's important that an affiliate marketer doesn't send junk traffic to their offer, just because it lowers their EPC (Earning Per Click), on Clickbank it's the Gravity Factor, the lower your EPC/Gravity Factor, less affiliates will jump on to promote your offer.

    Please keep that in mind when you request a link to promote a product. It's a good idea to mention in your text, when you request a link, that you are aware of the EPC/Gravity factor and that you only will send quality traffic to their offer.

    Hope this helps.
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    Sign up as an affiliate.
    go to marketplace and find the product.

    Near the affiliate's percentage, in the description of the product, there could be a jv page for affiliates, contact the vendor through this page.

    Dont sell the product directly, it's rarely allowed in fb and other platforms, and it's definately not good: Build an Email List instead, around the niche of the product, so you can sell more products related.
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