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I purchased a course a couple of years ago that outlined how to make money from YouTube as an Amazon affiliate.

The basics is that you get images from an Amazon product you want to sell and create a slideshow in YouTube on it. You then put your affiliate link in the description and when people purchase via this link you will get a commission.

I'm wondering if this still works in this day and age? Is anyone having success with this method these days or is it something outdated?

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    Well you'll never know until you try it yourself "everyonewins" If you create a good slide videos showing different sides of the product or item you are selling and add some works on each slide describing the item with good keyword and good descriptions I'm sure you can rank on Youtube for that term (Product Keywords)

    Good luck mate
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    I think you should read and understand the Amazon T.O.S. They say you have to own the site that your affiliate links appear on. I would definitely speak directly to Amazon about this. You can access discussion boards on amazon through your dashboard.

    With some recent changes they have made I get the impression they want to thin out the heard of affiliates so please stay within their guidelines


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    It is true, and my clients are making 'big' through it.

    I offer article and video packages to my clients. And, some of my clients have bought more than 2500 videos.

    They also promote Amazon products.

    However, as far as I know, as we consistently do discussion through private email address, they earn through YouTube ads as well.

    It doesn't matter even if people don't buy their products, they still make money through Adz. And, my clients who have more than 2000 videos make around $4000 to $6000 rather comfortably through PPV.

    Since, YouTube ad program offers $1 at least for every 1000 views. If you have 2000 videos on different channels, you can imagine how much money you can make without selling anything.

    But, of course, there would be additional profit through affiliate links as well. It will also be in four figures.

    It is kind of a passive income strategy. You upload the videos and enjoy the profits. That's it.
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    Yes, It works. You can make tons of money from YouTube as an Amazon affiliate.
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    I just did like 5 searches on you tube for products that I know are on Amazon. It seems like you tube is favoring channels with real people making videos.

    A lot of camera shy folks are going the video route and then up loading slides.

    I personally hardly ever see slide shows anymore on YouTube. And I'm on you tube I'll every day multiple times.

    Personally...if I did see a video of slides versus a real human...human always wins.

    If someone is camera shy, wouldn't something like blogging be a better fit?
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      Originally Posted by Rory Singh View Post

      If someone is camera shy, wouldn't something like blogging be a better fit?

      I have several niche software tutorial videos, never once used a camera, it's all screencast. The software is a first step as a lead in of a physical product.

      Paid voice overs could also be used If needed, there's low cost options that are good enough.
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    I believe using Amazon images in Youtube videos is a violation of Amazon's TOS. Amazon doesn't own the images to many of the products and therefore can't give permission to use them in Youtube videos, only on web pages where the images are embedded and Amazon has control and can change or delete the images at any time.

    Of course, you may be able to get product images in other ways...
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    Using screencast and always a feasible option,imo
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