UAW, Magic Article Rewriter or ContentBoss or ?????

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Hello... I would like to get some opinions on a few pieces of software. I have UAW already, and while I like that it gives me unique articles to submit, the process for getting them is a bit cumbersome.

Today, I bought Magic Article Rewriter with the Submitter. The videos on the sales page were nice, but once I bought it I do not see any real, thorough training on using it. I am bumbling my way through it, but I am not seeing the benefit thus far on the rewriter side. I changed my article a TON and still it only shows 22%. Would love to see some training videos on it that are more in depth. Anyone have an opinion about this software?

Then there is ContentBoss. I went ahead and signed up today because I wanted to try it too. I tried it with several articles and was pretty let down by what it did. I wanted the article changed at least 50%, but it seems all it does is SHORTEN the article to an unusable length. Am I missing something?

What do you all use? I would like something that rewrites quickly without a ton of hassle. I would like to be able to have the submitter too. I may just keep UAW since I know how to work it, but truthfully I am not seeing an overwhelming amount of increase in traffic since I got it 3 months ago.

I am getting frustrated with not getting enough traffic and looking for methods to help this.

Any advice appreciated... By the way, I currently have 20 websites built in several niches (Clickbank and physical products). I just need to push them up the Google ladder!

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  • Hi. I've heard good things from respected people concerning UAW, so stick with it. You don't need the others, I don't think. You need some other types of links most likely, for your sites to get higher rankings. Have you done directory submissions, search engine submissions, social bookmarking, blog comments, high PR text links, etc? I've also heard Linkvana is the bomb...but for $150 a month it's quite a drop in the bucket.

    By the way I use Automatic Article Submitter, it's quality.


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    sorry but I don't use UAW so I can't comment on that.
    ContentBoss isn't giving the results you want it to.
    Not unique enough and yes it shortens your article.

    I always use PAR (Power Article Rewriter) and it is very easy to use and very fast.
    There was (is?) a WSO for it, so you can get it with a great discount.
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    I use magic article rewriter and have had good success with it.

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    Hi CC,

    Just so you know, Magic Article Rewriter bases the percentage on the single words you have rewritten, not any of the phrases or whole sentences.

    If you have rewritten phrases as well as single words and it is showing 22% then you are probably up to around 200% spun in real terms.

    I use My Article Network and paste the articles in there to see how spun they are .. my record so far is just under 350%

    The Magic tools are very good and I'm getting some good results from them. Yes the training is lacking, but the video on the sales page shows you most of what you need to do.

    But the tools are good and effective and easy to use!

    Wishing you all the best


    P.s. if you want a sample with sentences / phrases and words spun let me know and I'll send you one over.
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    I personally use a few article submission pieces of software. The one I've been using for a while is UAW. I'm sure that as a user you've found it to be time consuming but successful in terms of getting your article published. I've also used Brad Callen's article submission product. It's okay but honestly a lot of the article directories listed are no longer valid. It gets updated from time to time but it doesn't spin your articles like UAW or create unique content.

    I've also just started using Mass Article Control as well. I'm really looking for an alternative to paying $67 for UAW. It's a pretty good tool but honestly I'm just getting started.
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      Does anyone have a link for a WSO for Magic Article Rewriter they can post?

      Much appreciated...
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        Originally Posted by vipseo View Post

        Does anyone have a link for a WSO for Magic Article Rewriter they can post?

        Much appreciated...
        You could always just buy it through your own affiliate link and get it for 50% off the sales price.

        I think it comes out to only $23 or so.
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    I use the following
    1.the best spinner
    2.instant article factory

    what i usually do i buy article for $6 each spinn it and submit it to my blog and other article directory and sometimes I submit one copy to UAW to get lots of link back from other UAW participate sites

    I am selling my BOTH lifetime license for following products, RANKING INSTITUE by Andrew Hansen and Social Secrets by Matt ..please PM me for price

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    I think the article writing and submitting softwares are all cumbersome. It takes just as long as UAW if not longer and the submit success rates are low. If you already know UAW really well, I would just use that.
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