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Hey everyone, I'm really hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I have an opportunity to buy the rights to 3 books that are quite popular on Amazon and in my niche. The author doesn’t have any lead generation or other profit centers in the book. He just wrote it for the Royalties. I’d like to change the books to include lead generation and upsells.

Have you ever dealt with this or do you know anyone that has?

Thanks for your time,
Luke H
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    I have a little experience of this on 2 fronts.

    Firstly I'm a published author with 2 books published by a leading publisher and the third I recently published myself.

    As my first 2 books are published by a publisher (John Wiley and Sons), they own the publishing rights, so I couldn't do the deal you are talking about. You would have to talk to my publisher, as they own the publishing rights which I effectively sold to them. I suspect this may be the case with the author you are speaking about.

    With my third book, I decided to publish it myself so I had more options on what I could do with it. In fact I'm giving it away as lead generation, and actively seeking people to JV with who want to personalise it for themselves (i.e. add a foreword, add their logo, etc).

    Finally, a few years back I bought the rights to a book which was self published by an author. In that case, if I wanted to change things in it, I'm sure he would have been open to negotiate as needed.

    Hope that helps a little.


    P.S. The link in my sig file is for my first book which was published by my publisher, but I retained the audio rights to it, and so I can give this version away for free as lead generation. Confusing?
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