How to Protect Software ?

by zorus
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I would like to know how is possible protect your software.
Brad Callen and a hisProblematic word sequence software affiliate elite when you install it, you need to buy it to get the online activation, so how is that possible, who has that service?
Also there is a wayaway about sell the serial to unlock the software, anyone knows about how or who does that service?

Thanks to All
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    protecting your software like he is doing is called a "call back" or "calling home".
    When you start the software it will contact a server and matches your information with the information stored on the server.

    For that reason may software sellers are telling you that you can only install software on one or two pc's. Every time you connect it will verify your info.

    If you want to protect your own software but you don't know how to do it, I would outsource it. Just go to Scriptlance and find a programmer.

    It will be done quick and it will be cheap!
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    They implemented activation/validation of software license files via their own license server.

    If you're interested in such a solution, you may check out Eziriz IntelliLock.
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    First off, I had asked this question last month and lots of warriors helped me by linking some sites which offered this service. But then one guy told me he had his own custom one which ended me up in hiring a programmer and making one. It's best to make a custom one mate

    Just a random guy. Learning Ruby On Rails at the moment.

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