How to grow your business network?

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I've recently partnered with a good company, and currently work from home. I've helped a few good people that also want to build a business from home. I want some advice on how to reach people who's goal is to build a network marketing business. I just don't know where to find those people. Ideas?
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    a good place to start would probably be in network marketing forums. I would also look for the big players on linkedin and twitter


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    The forum is the good place to start.
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    Yea, network marketing forums and just prospecting. Talk to people, connect with them and find out if what your offering can help them.

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    You can try Email campaign among Internet marketers if you have got their database, it works.

    Advertise among your target market - online platform - Join such groups on Linkedin, Facebook and G+ (communities) - to network and discuss your business/services/offerings.

    Hope, that works.

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    Thanks everyone! I'm excited to start this new chapter in my life.
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