What webinar platform do you prefer?

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I've been going through all the posts about webinars here, specifically about cloud platform.

Many posts are over a year old, and talk about Google Hangouts vs. FB or other alternatives.

Currently, I'm looking for a budget considering system to start with.

I noticed one or two people using (free) https://obsproject.com as a way to record videos. And some laptops come with a video program. 1) Are there any low cost alternatives that you'd recommend?

As I looked through other types of programs, I find that some incorporate an evergreen aspect to them while others don't. And one (webinarjam) you can purchase an evergreen product to integrate with it.

What webinar programs incorporate an evergreen component to them? I'd like to take a better look at them both for now (on a budget) and later on less of a budget

Below is what I found to date. What are your pro's and con's if you're using any of these?

https://www.webinarjam.com/startnow/ + Evernote Looks like you buy both at around 1K?




http://easywebinar.com/ WP Plugin

I look forward to your advice, pros, cons, and experience.
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