Selling aged domain versus selling aged domain with content?

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When we say "aged domain" do we refer to domain that has been registered for a while and previously had content on it or just domain that has been registered for a while?

I have an aged domain that has been sitting with no content for several years and I have content that I planned to publish on it but never did.

My question is when it comes to selling aged domain name without content published on it (it's supplied separately in a text document) versus publishing content on that aged domain name, which holds more weight in terms of value and "buyability"?

I have been away for a while from websites and I am wondering whether catching up on website things and investing time to publish content to sell a domain is worth it versus just selling domain and content separately to save time and effort?

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    Aged Domain - Domain on which somebody built a site and run it for some time. Later he dropped it.

    when the previous owner had that domain and site he must be tried to get backlinks to the sites and which makes that domain powerful.

    Some of those backlinks may still live and passing juice to the domain. So we can use that authority to rank our content faster.

    That's why people choose the aged domain.

    One thing to remember for sure - If backlinks history for that domain looks spammy (too many Chinese/Japanese/Russian backlinks) there is no point in building our site on that domain. Previous spammy backlink profiles will not help that domain to rank in SERP.

    Hope this will help you.
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      If your domain is a good name, brandable, short, generic keyword etc, sell domain only.

      Else, if your domain has good SEO metrics and you believe can get high traffics if you build it to a website, you may sell it as a website.

      On the domain flipping, the name is most important value, while on the website flipping, traffics and revenue is the most considered by the buyers.
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        If I will sell domain only, what would I do with 30-40 unused articles that have not been published. Is there a marketplace on this forum for selling content only?
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    It's not going to matter much which way you sell the domain - without content or with it. Why? Because your domain isn't getting much traffic and it doesn't come with any history of income . . . the two most important criteria domain buyers will be looking for.

    Aged domains, IMO, are mostly overrated. Google knows when a domain changes ownership. They aren't going to reward the new owner with any special treatment simply because the domain was first registered years ago. They know that any previous incoming links aren't the result of the new owner's site.

    Just get what you can for the domain and don't waste any more effort trying to squeeze a few dollars out of your current efforts. You will be much further ahead by focusing on your new project, whatever that may be.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      In that case domains that I have are not aged. They just have been renewed for several years. I thought their domain age would help with selling unused content that I have for them but never published. Should I sell content separately? If so, is there place on this forum to do that? On Flippa I can either sell domain only or domain with published content. Thanks.
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    Which Site we can earn domain
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    Is it still possible to sell domains or websites on Warrior Forum's Marketplace? I can't find the right place to do that.
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