Please suggest how I can improve my traffic from the United Kingdom

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I have already done lots of classified, directory and business listing submissions but I'm not getting much result. Currently I am not promoting my content on facebook, twitter or similar other platforms because I have very limited content to show. Should I start promoting content on facebook, twitter and other portal also?

Kindly give me your suggestions
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    Depends what type of traffic you are looking for & what offer you are promoting.
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    Just by submitting articles at directories, you can't expect traffic to your site. That is one type of spam, and if done more can affect your off-page SEO.

    If you start promoting your site, you may not get good benefits as you already said you dont have much content to show.
    So, start making content first instead of focusing on getting traffic. After content, there are many ways for off-page SEO.

    As of now, you can
    1. Engage with people on forums and QA discussions like Quora. Leave your link there.
    2. Comment on your niche sites
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    Yeah totally depends on what kind of stuff are you trying to put infront of user.
    If its a product and spending few bucks wont harm then I would go for paid advertisement always
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    Try and get some good quality links from other UK sites. Not only is it good for SEO, but the best links will also give you referral traffic. There is a free guide on how to do it here.
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    Want to increase your traffic, it requires good content you. If content is less likely to be on the top then it's hard to keep top to gain more traffic. Users need content and google understands that.
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    first I think you should prepare basic knowledge of SEO then make a specific plan for about at least 1 month ( including content and finance). To give you advices of content. Tell me what is your type of business
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    do you have a mailing list? ...are you getting targeted optins into your list and create a relationship ?

    Social-media => FB works pretty good to get leads
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    Try to publish quality and relevant content regularly because search engines always love the unique and latest content. Follow the forums and Question/Answer discussions like quora and leave your website link there.
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    forums - blogs - articles - directories - facebook - twitter - linkedin

    also, you might want to do banner ads on high traffic forums, and or fB VIDEO ads.
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    Create more backlinks from the high authority sites in Uk to rank well in Search engine result page from Uk. Directory submission won't give you a lot. Make your you create backlinks from organic and natural ways. Black hat techniques can ruin your efforts.

    Blogging Tips & tricks@

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    You can't just build traffic to the website without any backlinks. So you must look to get links either through guest post articles form High DA blogs or you can look for edu or gov links which can really enhance your website position on the web.
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    i suggest you have keyword optimized content on your site then start building quality HA backlinks from blog sites and video sites.
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