Network Solutions Registrar Problem - Any Thoughts?

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I'm about at wit's end with Network Solutions - hoping someone here who is experienced in transferring domain registrations can help with some insight.

About a month ago, I sold one of my sites. In accordance with normal procedure, the buyer set up a Network Solutions account and proceeded to initiate a transfer of the domain to his account. I received the standard email requesting authorization, clicked the link to approve the transfer, and waited. Three days later, we received an email that the transfer had failed. For some reason.

At this point I began what has become a ridiculous and endless effort to find out what's going on and get the problem resolved. I have been on the phone with Network Solutions numerous times. One big problem is that each time, I get a different customer service rep and we basically start all over.

The typical call goes like this:

- I reach a customer service rep
- I give them the ticket number for this issue
- they put me on hold for 2-3 minutes to "check on it"
- they come back and announce that they have a supervisor involved
- I am told I will get a call back within four hours

There is never a call back. Nothing. The last thing of possible substance I was told, a week ago, was that they were checking with ICANN. However, I really doubt anything is being done. I get the sense that this is not a big deal to them, you know?

To their credit, the customer service reps have all been very polite and cordial, but they just seem to be unable to make anything happen or maintain contact until this is resolved.

So here I have a buyer, and I can't get the domain transferred to him. I've never had this problem with other registrars. Any thoughts from experienced domain flippers on how to get past this mess and get some action?

Thanks...appreciate any input.
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    You can't push Network Solutions domains onto another account easily like other Registrars. If you cannot get this sort out, I would suggest that you ask the buyer to transfer the domain to another registrar. This is quite easy and I have done it lots of time with Godaddy and ResellerClub. Just unlock the domain and get the domain authorization code and then give it to the buyer.


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      I appreciate the tip, Derek. I don't think I can have the domain transferred out of Network Solutions at this point, though, because of a 60-day rule.

      It was originally registered through Moniker, but when I put it on the market, I transferred to Network Solutions in order to participate in a premium promotion offered by Afternic. That was about 40 days ago, so at this point (if I understand correctly) I can't have the buyer request the transfer to another registrar.

      Wish I could.
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