Is adsense a small stream of income? Is ad monetizing good?

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Less than a million traffic
With ad block and no one clicking on ads, 1000 followers won't bring much revenue will it?
Having a free info site with ads alone won't bring full time income right? What are the numbers when it comes to PPC and buying/growing organic traffic to website

Do you need to combine your own products and affiliate links to make it work right? Do you need to have landing pages with long tail keywords like offers on warrior forum to make it worthwhile on internet marketing?
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    From my own personal experience, ads are the least profitable income stream I have. I make at least 5x more every month from selling products and services to the very same audience that sees my AdSense ads on Youtube.

    It depends vastly on the niche you're in of course, but from what I've seen, you generally need high volumes of traffic in order for AdSense to be worthwhile. With 1,000 followers, it's safe to say that you probably won't even be making enough to justify compromising your site's appearance with ads. I'd recommend coming up with a good product to sell and advertising that on your site instead. You'll make much more.
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      Would you say creating an ebook as a primary source of income + traffic = better probability of a steady stream rather than promoting other products say, on click bank?
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    I would, if I were you, build a list from your website.

    From my email sequences I would promote a weekly newsletter, targeting your niche, and charge $5-$10 a month for that weekly newsletter. If you have web traffic already it will be easy to build a list and promote a good newsletter with weekly tips. Lets say you get 500 members at $10, that´s a solid income from a cheap newsletter. I do this together with free memberships, and it really works well. To get 500 members is fairly easy, and can be done from your blog, in niche specific FB groups, on Youtube, forums and different other places. Adsense is in my opinion not the best way to monetize a website, but if you earn money from Adsense you can let it stay on your site.
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