REAL Reasons Why Most Gurus Charged So High For Their Coaching Programs

by amuro
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Guys, have you ever wonder why most internet marketing gurus charged so high for their coaching programs?

Anyway from $997 (which from my experience is the bare minimum) to over $10K.

Having think about this very carefully after attending countless seminar previews and webinars, I came to realize ONE thing.

As much as most attendees want to make money, that internet marketing guru wants to make money as well.

Not to mention his assistants as well.

You know the people who helped to set up your websites, do your market research and even write content for you.

Be it articles, blog posts and emails.

Not forgetting graphics, banners and royality free images as well.

Which all these came at a cost.

So having said that, I came to realize ONE critical thing that so many people failed to see in their urge of JUST wanting to make money.

Is that in order to make $,

You need to either invest your time.

Or your money.

If anyone tells you otherwise, stay as far as you can to avoid him or her.

This is not just what I say.

But what marketers like Anik Singal said as well.
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