Are there any good books/courses on how to sell digital products on ebay in 2017?

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Are there any good books/courses on how to FIND and sell digital products on ebay in 2017?
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    I have not seen any courses. But I did read an article on a blog once that was pretty interesting. It involved finding decent ebooks in obscure niches, combining them on a CD or DVD and selling that way. The example he used was worm farming.

    might be a good idea to put your question into a google search

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    Why sell on ebay which is definately THE WORST place to sell digital products, instead of using clickbank or jvzoo?
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  • the built in traffic of millions of people.
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    You will be better off selling digital products on Amazon if
    you are interested in the millions of people.
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    Amazon and Click Bank are ideal for Digital Products. If you want to read books ( e books) Kindle Store in Amazon is the ideal place. Select your book based on reviews. Also, Click Bank has free training materials and also paid materials. You can try those. However, don't spend your hard earned money for internet Gurus without researching properly. Please use free materials first to learn the basics and then you can select a course to follow. Don't get hurry and invest. Hope this is helpful.
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    This is from March 2017:

    You would be in great danger when trying to sell digital goods. Any buyer can claim they never received their download and make a case against you with either eBay or Paypal. You would not be able to prove with tracking that they received their purchase, so the buyer would be given a refund from your account.
    Selling digital products for download only - The eBay Community
    I don't sell on Ebay but the above sounds about like what I would expect.

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    Set S.M.A.R.T. goals
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