Where can I get exposure for a WordPress plugin I've written?

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Where can I get exposure for a WordPress plugin I've written?

The plugin is for a very niche market - those who are Zazzle artists or affiliates. I tried to sell via Envato but it was rejected out of hand (no reason given). I may have been overzealous with my marketing-speak or it may have been for technical reasons.

- I've got a good profile in the Zazzle forum, but surprisingly few of my target audience go there.
- I'm not so great on social media but do reach Zazzle artists there (but few of them have the sorts of sites that would benefit).

My real targets are small- to medium-sized Zazzle (or non-Zazzle) afilliate site owners. I believe it's far too niche for a Google adwords campaign but can't think of how else to get the word out to them?

The plugin itself delivers unique and valuable benefits - no other competitor comes anywhere close.
Perhaps you kind folk here can suggest how I can get it in front of interested eyeballs.

(I'm British and don't have the right mind-set for marketing hyperbole!)
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    you can create a free version of your plugin and submit it to the WordPress plugin database and allow them to pay for the upgrade to the complete features.

    Also, Facebook ads is a great way to reach any type of market.
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      I can't go the WordPress route you suggest because of their licensing requirements.
      I must admit, I'd already dismissed your Facebook ads suggestion but I'm rethinking of it again, now.
      Any tips for a newbie to Fb ads?
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        Originally Posted by HightonRidley View Post

        Any tips for a newbie to Fb ads?
        Be prepared to lose money.

        If you've been rejected by Envato and can't get on WP, maybe it's time to re-think your plan.

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          You made me laugh. I had practice with that in the early days of Google AdWords!
          I might try Envato again. My subsmission was so way off I got the rejection that says something about "don't bother resubmitting unless it's so different that it could be considered a different product" - words to that effect. It may just have been something as simple as my having a shortocde generator off-site to cover its more sophisticated uses.
          By the way, they state on their site that the type of rejection I got meant that they wouldn't be prepared to discuss it further
          Being a newbie to it, they could have given me a clue...

          Besides, I built the product because I needed it myself and then improved it with one of my targets as a beta tester. (She is delighted with it, btw and now uses it for her affiliate store.)

          The overall plan is sound - there's a need and mine is an offering to meet that need better than the competitors. What I've not got is a plan to get it to market, and that's what I'm hoping to get suggestions on.

          I'm still smiling about your quip!
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    There's a few thousand Wordpress related blogs online with millions of unique traffic.

    What's the problem?
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      Thanks for the suggestion
      As I said, the plugin will appeal only to a v. niche audience, either Zazzle storekeepers with their own sites or, I guess, peeps looking to monetize their sites - though the latter ones aren't really my target market.
      That said, I have done extensive searching of such likely places and come up blank.
      Thanks again for your reply.
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    Is there anything a lot of those zazzle have in common? A place they discuss, a forum, twitter accounts? Somewere you can reach out to them directly?
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      Yes, they have a forum but, as I mentioned in my question, I already have a good profile there and do have a topic devoted to it. It's just they are a tiny, tiny fraction. Few particpate in discussions, more lurk, of course, but it's still a tiny fraction. I'm a member of a few Fb groups devoted to Zazzle but they're mostly the ones at the free-website stage, if that. Not really my target.
      I already do what I can on twitter and finding their sites to reach out to them directly isn't soemthing I've tried a lot of -so worth some thought.
      Thanks again!
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    Where are your competing plugins advertising? What's their website like? What kind of search engine presence do they have?

    You may have to reverse engineer a bit, but that could be a good starting point.
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    Before starting losing money in your marketing:

    - are you sure that your plugin is good enough to make people pay for it ? Is your pugin code good enough and well tested ?
    - are you sure that your plugin don't break the Zazzle business model or Zazzle implicit policy ?
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      To your first question, yes, I'm sure - I've had the feeback that confirms it. And in answer to your second, Zazzle is fully onboard with it.

      Thanks for asking - it's always good to cover the bases
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