Be Careful Who You Listen To...

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Now, I post this with NO hopes to offend anyone... but, 'some' people will lead you astray even when they have the best of intentions.

Corporations chug along for as long as they have due to a certain thing called a "resume". If you can't SEE what someone has done OR they are reluctant to SHOW you what they've done and are trying to give you advice; take it with a grain of salt.

Many will fire their own selves up to the point of denial of all things greater than their latest effort in attempts to be 'different'; and you'll need to keep YOUR head straight and watch the paths they lead you down.

There are some that will proclaim to be involved in the next best thing since sliced bread; but pay close attention to the company they keep. Would YOU associate with these same people?

Some will totally ignore advice given that is beneficial and tell YOU they know better; but watch them closely to see if they follow their own lead. Are they successful in their efforts? If not, why are they trying to teach you? Ask them that.

Beware the self proclaimed "guru"; as you'll soon find out that they have no more experience in being an entrepreneur than that of selling to those seeking a way to sell to others selling. Say that fast 3x.

My beloved Great GrandMother told me something I still hold fast today when I was a child... "Listen to everything someone has to say; not everything they're saying"... bless her soul and thank you Nana.

Just be careful. There's a LOT of misleading information out here and even more of those that will knowingly AND unknowingly lead you the wrong way.

Peace, Love & Prosperity
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