Is it possible to market your blog with the use of personal social media account like facebook?

by cgjy93
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I am just curious if its possible to not use social media account to get initial views for my personal blog. Appreciate any advice on this!
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    I'm not sure what you are asking here, the title and the post seem contradictory. Are you asking if it is possible to promote your blog without using social media or by strictly only using social media?

    The answer is: both are possible, but why apply limits to yourself when you do not need to?

    Social Media can be used to promote almost ANYTHING. Almost any service, website, person, business, place or event can be promoted with Facebook and other Social Media services rather well and effectively.

    On the flip side of the coin: it is possible to promote your blog via free advertising methods and link exchanges, it is even possible for your blog to rank if your SEO is on point. But again: why limit yourself?

    Use what works.

    Ghost Shinobi
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    Don't quite understand the question. Social Media is massive to promote your blog. Growing and engaging is the way to go on Social Media!

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    If you don't want your personal friends and family to see your blog posts, then yes, this is possible. After you type your post, click the "Public" pull down menu at the bottom left corner and select "Friends except", or "Specific friends" to choose who you want to see your post.
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  • Social Media is the best place to promote your blog for more visitors, I share most of my blogs post in my Facebook page for more exposure.

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