Who Does Cartoons?

by Brian Vogt 4 replies
Hey all,

Been a while since I've posted... hope everyone is well. (Been "busy")

I'm in need of some nice looking cartoons, preferably custom made. They are for a book that is going to print soon, so the turn around needs to be good and fast.

Anyone know of a good graphics guy that does cartoon work? Anyone have any idea of the prices I should expect to pay?


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    Hi Brian...

    I don't promote the service yet, but it is something I do...

    There are a number of factors that would determine the cost, for example:

    Do you need:

    Line art only?
    Coloured images?
    Shaded cloured images?

    How many cartoons would you need?
    How fast would you need the project complete?

    Feel free to PM me to discuss further, I'll be happy to show you some examples.

    Kindest regards,
    eCoverNinja - Sales Page Graphics & Layout Specialist
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      Hi Brian,

      I have had Karl do some work for me and I would definitely recommend him. I'm not sure if it's a similar kind of cartoon work you require, but feel free to ask him to point you to the work.

      Roger Davis

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      Hi Karl,

      No color --- either line art only or shades. probably line art only would be more fitting, but we could discuss further.

      It would be great if I could get 7 or 8 (or more)... but I do have a budget to work within, and I understand the time constraints could be limiting. The book has 30 something chapters and it would be nice to be able to have the cartoons spread throughout.

      How fast? The sooner the better. Within 2 weeks would be great. A month would be OK. It was SUPPOSED to go to print in the next month but with this last minute change it will not. (So basically, this is the only thing holding it up.)

      Go ahead and PM me with some examples and a price estimate if you don't mind (just throw something out there, doesn't have to be set in stone--just want to get an idea so I'm not wasting either of our time!)

      Also if you have any limits on distribution I need to know about them... or if that affects your price.


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        Hi Brian,

        many thanks for the further info, I've sent a PM.
        eCoverNinja - Sales Page Graphics & Layout Specialist
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