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Any mobile app recommendations for a new restaruant to incorporate online ordering?

Any kind of restaurant marketing info would be great!
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    Originally Posted by benjamenjuan View Post

    any mobile app recommendations for a new restaruant to incorporate online ordering?

    any kind of restaurant marketing info would be great!
    You consider signing up the restaurant to Uber Eats and Postmates?
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    Restaurant marketing and restaurant app are different.

    You need a dedicated software, crm, etcm...is it worth?

    For marketing is totally different: try fb ads for local business.

    Build a list of customers.

    TIP: do you ask the mail of your customers so you can retarget your customers and make them recurrent ones?
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    There are many paid restaurant applications are available on the internet. But it's not necessary that they are full filling your business requirements or sometime they have too much useless features which just to increase the price of the software. So as per my suggestion you should go for the custom food and beverage software or application which is designed or developed especially for your restaurant business. Useful and custom features will help your business to grow and directly effects your profit ratio.
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  • Work with an App agency for developing a software which will increase your sales rapidly. For social media marketing, I would make funny contents with prizes in food and I will use Facebook intensively but I am thinking also about Pinterest.

    Try to also do PR for your site on other sites and blogs. Why not?

    Check out this article for anyone running a business who wants to make a mobile app. Make sure you have the most important questions answered before you release your app: www [.] digitalauthority [.] me/12-questions-before-working-with-digital-agency.
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    I would not recommend you to develop your own custom coded solution. I will cost you money and time.
    There are premade solutions for your specific needs.

    I already integrated online food ordering for several restaurants using several scripts and also lately i have been working with this wordpress theme

    This might be what your are looking for because is a complete online ordering solution and its really easy to set up. You could be taking orders in a matter of couple of days.

    There are also companies such as ChowNow or Eat24 that will provide a website for you but they also charge a commission for every order you process.

    I would go with both solutions. Have a website ready for online ordering and sign up with companies that will generate additional orders through their platform as well.
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    You can go for your own app, develop it as per your needs. It would be better or else there are a lot of software's or mobile apps you can go for, as there are free and paid ones.
    If you wanna go for marketing your restaurant through an app along with a website you can contact SEO teams. They can improve your site ranking so through the site your app may get more users.
    Another way of marketing is through facebook, twitter, YouTube, instagram ads. Now a days social media can give greater impact even in marketing.
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    You can try to outsource to software developers to make your restaurant app for you. Try these guys
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    GRRS or Graphical Restaurant Reservation System is an online user reservation system through which a restaurant showcases a graphical outlay of their establishment allowing the customer to see the available tables (for any given time). This allows the customer to book any table of their choice for any given date and time.

    If customers allow the GRR system to push notifications on their mobile phones, they will also be alerted with the available offers.

    If you wish to learn more about the online reservation then you just have a look at GRRS flowchart.
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