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I currently do this, and it does work.

Yes, this brings in money - the monetization is flexible and up to you, you'll see what i mean as you read this.

1. Get or compile lists of businesses in your area within a 10 mile radius, in a specific niche. Many libraries have free databases you can tap, or you can create lists right from the yellow pages and ads businesses are running in local publications. Don't overcomplicate this.

2. Create a brief but catchy postcard promoting a seminar on how a business in that niche/industry can get more leads, get on Google's first page - something that uses your online skills that they simply won't have, or have time to learn and do. The headline is the most important part, remember to include the phone number they should call to reserve their seat, a strong call to action, and some scarcity.

3. If in the U.S., use the online USPS click2mail program to upload your postcard design, your list, and to mail merge your list - they will print the postcards "lick the stamps" and mail the postcards, you'll never leave your computer.

4. You can charge whatever you want for the seminar. Or make it free. Over the many, many years I've been doing seminars and workshops, freebie seekers are the worst attendees. Even if people pay only $5, they're much better than freebies. If you charge, that also helps to recover or even pay for a room you book.

5. Book a cheap room in a business-style hotel - think "those courtyard" type of hotels, not the bigger nicer places, just the small biz-type hotels. They have cheap rooms. Set the room up theater style which is chairs only with an aisle down the middle.

6. Prepare your presentation - don't go overboard, powerpoint is fine, but your entire "show" should be on a one page outline with the main points you want to cover, with sub points bulleted so even if the power goes out, you can light a candle and still do your seminar.

7. Deliver your seminar, give real and true value. Blow them away with what you taught them for free or for a very low cost - make your content be so good that about a third of the way in they're thinking "holy guacamole, I would have paid 10 times what I did for this seminar". At the end, have an upsell- what you upsell could be a product or service or both.


What are your ideas for upsells at the end?

Let's hear some really good ideas!

PS: Due to my fairly severe time constraints, questions should be sent as a PM and I'll get to them as time allows--(I'm preparing to move out of state from California to Washington State so I've got a lot to do)--oh, and guess what?--I've already got a seminar lined up there for the first week after I arrive!
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    I like the postcard idea a la M.G.. You can also accomplish this through local Chamber of Commerce meetings where you are the featured speaker (they are dying for new speakers with a fresh take on how to promote business).

    UPSELLS: Web design or SEO packages, etc.. .
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      Originally Posted by Marhelper View Post

      I like the postcard idea a la M.G.. You can also accomplish this through local Chamber of Commerce meetings where you are the featured speaker (they are dying for new speakers with a fresh take on how to promote business).

      UPSELLS: Web design or SEO packages, etc.. .
      Yep - also associations work very, very well.
      PS: I don't know who/what M.G is...
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    The obvious up sell is the complete product package. We market a service but if you package it as a product I would think that it will be perceived at a higher value and an easier sell.

    For example: An Auto Responder becomes (your company name here) Online Sales Optimizing System. So now the expectation level has been elevated and like wise the value.

    Your tips and tricks are original to you and thus they become proprietary. Of course this isn't exactly true but how you market your "product" will build that perception into it.

    You could also physically sell your "product" in video(taped seminar),PDF(transcript of seminar),Audio files (yes, seminar).

    Jeff Johnson says he only has seminars so he will have content for bonus' and up sells. That's why a lot of big names give tickets to seminars. Great bonus for the customer buying a product and a content opportunity for the marketer.

    So offer your product as a service that is like the "one on one" teaching models of the Guru's. In other words XXXX.XX for you to do the work and then work it down to a down loadable "system". It's a funnel just like any other marketing venture.

    If you market a product over a service your stress level will be lower too. For example, If I were going to work at a fast food rest. I would want to work at McDonald's rather than Burger King.

    Why? Well at McD's you know what your going to be serving. Example: Two all beef patties, special sauce, pickles,cheese, lettuce, onions on a sesame seed bun.
    No perceived variation to the "product".

    BK, Four words. HAVE IT YOUR WAY.

    Now which is less stressful?

    .02 cents
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      Postcards? Why didn't I think of that?

      I have a few upsell ideas. Have do it yourself packages to sell and a done for you option.

      Good luck.

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        Here's my upsells, and some thoughts on upsells AND A NEW CHALLENGE QUESTION FOR YOU:

        MY UPSELLS:

        I upsell a "do it yourself" PDF - it's the seminar plus more. Buy the PDF, do it yourself, or give the PDF to your webmaster or your nephew to implement the steps and strategies.

        Website SEO analysis, SWOT - not a true swot, but might as well be - I cover their sites' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

        Get #1 and #2 at the today-only, best offer price.

        Do I want to sell/do SEO for them?

        Create websites?
        Not so much.

        Could I upsell any or all of that?

        How to create continuity income from the attendees who come to my seminars?

        I'd put a membership website together for them to have videos and how-to follow-along dummy-proof instruction, but my take so far is that they want to be dentists and real estate agents, not SEOs.

        Sure, I could say "sign up for the membership site and have your webmaster or assistant do it for you" but don't you think it's "putting the cart before the horse" to do all that work if there's no demand for it?

        Your turn!

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    Great Idea. I never knew you could order bulk mail on the USPS website. Learn something new everyday I guess....

    As far as a continuity income, you can sell ongoing SEO services and farm them out to an Indian firm. I have a close friend that uses this exact model with attorneys.

    He told me he spends about $500/month to the Indian firm that services his entire customer base, and at last check he has dozens of clients.

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