New Subscribers, clicks-.....but no sales ?!

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So as the title says, im getting everything else but no sales!

this is what i have done so far,

* BING ads, played with bids + budget. Current budget $100/day , bid $4-5.
I have worked my way all from 0,75 to 5. To see changes, etc etc.
*LAnding page/pre sale page - > aff link.
* without landing page , Direct link Aff link.
*changed keywords
*took competitors keywords that are top on google.
*made 5 differnt ads, all differnt keywords - title etc to see what works best.
*Decresed Tablet - Phone by 50% - Tested to see whats the issue.
*Target location - USA - UK , tested USA - UK - Australia - NZ, Tested USA - UK - Canada....
*My own FB account - ADS account - Several years old
*Did FB ads, got rejected all times, even thought the pic had totally nothing to do with the niche to see if that was the case, No.
*changed text on FB ads to see if that is the issue, no.
*Link? landing page? yes, that is the issue. Contacting FB right now to see what actually my issue is.
*Google ads, rejected me immediately for " fake " claims.
*Does people subscribe to my " free ebook" on landing page? some, some not. so far. 50 emails collected, still no sales!

What is my CTR on BING ? I have read that bellow 1% is bad. Im between 2-3% at the moment

Im going to try Instagram + aff link, i know...instagram does NOT allow aff links, but there is back doors....

BUT, i dont want to move to ALL platforms like a freak without testing out...

i REALLY want to break this BING wall, before that i wont give up and move on!

my main focus is BING at the moment. When im starting to make money here, i will scale and move to next platform. you guys might ask....ok...? but what is your niche? my niche is DIET - fitness.

What am i looking for?
- Im looking for people that have break this damn thick wall, and can lead me on the " right " way to break my own...What am i doing wrong? Am i missing something out?! do i need higher budget day?! higher bid?......

Please...someone give me some advice
#clicksbut #sales #subscribers
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    Google ads, rejected me immediately for " fake " claims.
    And you still can't figure out the issue?

    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    • Profile picture of the author Alouk Radnt
      I have heard that they dont like diet - which they also rejected me for" lose weight " things..and thats my i have to change niche...

      - there is ofc a way for evething! cloaking links etc! but i dont want to go that black hat way...I might need my google ad account in the future for other things.
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    Update :

    Rising my bid to $6 to really get these competitors out of my way, will see how this goes.
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    Have you tried changing the landing page? What about changing offers?

    How much have you spend on each traffic source for testing?
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      I have not changed landing page, I got this page recently made from a web developer.

      I can change offers but i also have to change landing page too if that's the case. Should I really give this up?

      I have been into Adult CPA for over 2 years, and im that guy that want to hold myself to ONE thing untill i get 110% at it , then move on to next, and go 110% on that.

      I have spent most of my time on BING , investing etc.

      So far i have spent over 200+ dollars on BING ads, testing differnt ads....., I understand in the beginning i will not see weekly....I have to invest to see results. Thats not my issue.

      Like i said, i dont want to move on right now before i really managed to get it to make me $$. Im not the guy that gives up when it does not go well!

      But im looking for some ropes to grab.....if someone have been in my boat that know my issue i will gladly take it
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    I think you honestly may go broke the way you are going at this.

    I have not used Bing PPC for a very long time.

    However I have made sales with them in the past.

    I recommend you find a course on Bing ads.
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    • Profile picture of the author Alouk Radnt
      haha.....well i have a budget of 10,000. i will ofc not do this for all my money! If i still spend money and see 0 results...I might move on.

      Im just looking for some help! if there is someone here that actually managed to get this going and been into same situation as me!
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    Originally Posted by Alouk Radnt View Post

    *Does people subscribe to my " free ebook" on landing page? some, some not. so far. 50 emails collected, still no sales!
    Having been in the email marketing realm for years, 50 email addresses is not that many. You may need hundreds before you get a sale. The good part is that even if this particular product doesn't work out, you have a list started that you can mail similar offers in the future. As many have always said, "The money's on the list".
    SOLO AD TRAFFIC Provider for over 6 Years - Get targeted traffic to your offer from my privately built email lists. I have niches in Internet Marketing, Make-Money-Online, Biz-Op, Crytocurrencies, MLM, Health/ Weight-Loss/ Fitness/ Anti-Aging, Travel, Pets and more!
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    • Profile picture of the author Alouk Radnt
      thanks for your reply!

      The " free ebook" is just a " pop up " on my Landing page. To collect emails. Its not my " main " reason why I have it on my landing page.

      the button to my afff links is in the middle of the page and bottom. But for some reason that does not sound good for the "clickers"
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    I wouldn't laugh too hard. You can easily burn through $10K in PPC. All the best to you anyhow.

    On another note, conversion wise...

    Right now I am 'experiencing' 1 - 2 front end sales for every 17 leads.

    But you don't have to listen to any of my advice.
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    • Profile picture of the author Alouk Radnt
      I appriciate your reply,

      Im very careful with my money, I have done media buying with adult too so i know how it can go! the last person to spend 10k for nothing in return I know how far to push and when to stop....

      congrats! i think i will sleep on this and see tomorrow what i can do...05:55 AM and i cant think properly.

      might try another source of traffic, or try another niche as someone above adviced me...
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    • Profile picture of the author Alouk Radnt
      thanks alot! i wil check it out right now

      Edit , actually a VERY good in depth video!

      I totally agree with him, test test test..its all about testing!

      To bad I cannot get my landing page/niche accepted on FB

      I'll see what i can do about that...Im into day 5 on contacting FB still no reply from them at all...
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    1. First of all, do NOT increase your ad budget. If your ads are not converting
    with your current budget, spending more isn't going to change that. You're
    just going to put a bigger hole in your wallet.

    It's called testing for a reason. When the test passes, and you have a
    winning ad, that will be the time to scale up your ad budget.

    2. You said your ads got rejected by FB and Google. This could very
    well be your problem. Fix your ad copy and test again. Changing
    platforms with a crappy ad is not going to give you better results.

    3. Are you providing value to the new subscribers that opted into
    you list? It sounds like you are expecting a sale right off the bat.
    In my experience, sales generally come from my list instead of
    the initial ad. But you have to give them something of value first.
    An ebook is a start, but you have to take care of them through
    your list. Otherwise, what's the point of capturing their info?

    4. You said you're going to try Instagram, but you'd rather stay
    with Bing. Then, forget about IG, FB, and all the others and focus
    your attention on running a successful Bing campaign.

    Instead of increasing your ad budget, take that money and hire
    a mentor who specialize in Bing advertising. They should be able
    to tell you where you're missing it and how to fix it.
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    • Profile picture of the author Alouk Radnt
      thank you for your words.... I really appreciate it!!

      Looks Like i need to quit the ad, move on and test something else, differnt keywords etc..thanks for letting me know.

      I will stick with bing untill i actually break that wall.

      about the bing mentor, i will see what i can find! I dont want any unserious people who just talk alot but not really learning out anything....

      again, thanks!
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  • Profile picture of the author Steve B
    If I were you, I would question four things to begin with:

    1- Am I selling a solution specifically targeted to the wants of my audience? (Said a different way ... Am I selling a solution that has marketplace demand and hungry buyers?) Part two of that question is: Do I know that those seeing my ad really desperately want my solution?

    2- Is my advertising copy logical, compelling, and does it instill confidence in the buyer that my solution will work for him/her and that there is little or no risk of me losing my money on the deal?

    3- Have I simply and clearly explained to the prospect "what's in it for me?" ("Me" in this case means them - your prospects)

    4- The diet and weight loss market is HUGE! Can I somehow niche down deeply into this marketplace and target my products and ads to a very narrow and specific sub-niche of people that will feel like my solution is tailor-made and customized just for them? By doing this,
    1. you reduce your head-to-head competition in the niche,
    2. you put boundaries around your audience that qualifies them as being exactly right for your product,
    3. you are able to cut down the universe of dieters to just those that can be segregated in your targeted advertising - often highly niched campaigns can be profitable where otherwise they wouldn't be with more broad and expensive keywords/phrases,
    4. you won't be wasting your money or time paying for disinterested prospects like you may be currently.
    Obviously, there are other variables at play, but these are often the types of problems that ruin ad campaigns because they strike at the very foundation of what you're doing.

    Good luck to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    • Profile picture of the author Alouk Radnt
      thank you! I totally agree... I will have a look at everything again before i make some decisions. I can improve in a lot of ways ..and i appreciate your ideas & thoughts.

      thank you..
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  • Profile picture of the author somenathsen1
    check this video. hope that can help you to find the right buyer keywords
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    How to Guides & Blogging Tutorials
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    • Profile picture of the author Alouk Radnt
      thanks for the video! really great info there!! will try out
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    One of the most important factor to increase the ctr in bing is set a group of ads for every keyword

    I mean set a coherent group of ads which points all to a specific Keyword and are specifically made for that keyword.

    I mean not put all the keywords in the same basket for all the ads
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    • Profile picture of the author Alouk Radnt
      thanks for your reply!

      yea , setup a few ads, and point specific keywords, test and see which works best ?
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    Your issue is your sales funnel
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  • Profile picture of the author Alouk Radnt
    Just a head up to everyone....

    Facebook dont like Diet things, so be careful with that. my personal AD account got disabled.

    I used a Pre landing page.
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    First of all, if you are buying traffic then you should be sending it to one place and one place only - a lead capture page.

    Forget about FB ads and Google Adwords if you are in weight loss, work from home, make money online, vitamin supplements, erectile dysfunction, and a handful of other niches that are "health" or "medical" related, such as reverse diabetes, six pack abs, etc. If you are lucky enough not to get your account suspended on the first day, the CPC will kill you.

    50 leads is nothing. I have more people than that unsubscribe from my list in one day. I'm in the "make money online" niche, and if I don't add at least 100 people to my list every day, I'll backslide. Depending on your niche, you won't see a positive ROI from your list until you have several thousand subscribers at least. I didn't hit the $100 per day mark from my list until I had around 5000 subscribers. Other niches are more and some are less. The whole "you will make $2 per month per subscriber from your list" is total nonsense. I don't know who came up with that but my guess is they were close to the bottom of a bottle of whiskey when they thought that one up.

    In my experience, different traffic sources work for different niches. I'm in the "make money online" niche, so I've built my list with solo ads, JV giveaways, download page swaps, free WSOs, YouTube videos, banner ad buys, media buys, and blogging, for the most part. I've done some PPC, but never on FB ads or AdWords because it's damn near impossible to get your ads approved and if you do, achieving a positive ROI is harder than winning the lottery. Solo ads work great for me, but they generally suck for any other niche besides MMO. The point is that different traffic sources work for different niches.

    I'm not saying you can't achieve success with Bing or FB ads, but it takes a lot of know how and if you are in one of those niches that they generally don't approve of, you'll need to get awfully creative to succeed. Personally, I simply don't have the intelligence to build my list using those platforms with the niche I'm in. I'm not ashamed of saying it. I'm​ still very successful, but that's because I did a ton of research and testing to find traffic sources that work for my niche, and then I spent tons more time tweaking my lead capture pages to work with each method.

    It's a long, arduous process. You have 10K to invest. I suggest you sit down in front of YouTube and watch video after video about different traffic sources and then decide very carefully if you want to spend your money on testing that source out. If you do want to test, $50 is more than enough to know whether or not a traffic source will be profitable for you.

    If you are in the weight loss or health niche, I would suggest looking into pop under or PPV sites like Propel Media (used to be Traffic Vance), or PopAds. If done right, you can get clicks to your offers for less than a penny each.

    I know it may sound simple and obvious, but like I said before, YouTube has a MASSIVE amount of traffic generation information if you have the time to do some research.
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    • Profile picture of the author Alouk Radnt

      I really Appriciate your help..Explaning in depth etc! thanks alot!

      It looks like i need to think more than once before i do anyting now!

      I actually moved over to diabetes as you said, and trying that out!

      I have saved some ideas you have and will look more deeply into them! It looks like building a mailing list is prio 1. i have email list connection my landing page..but never realized it was so important.

      Should I jump off BING ads and focus on other sources?
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