What is the process of online internet Marketing?

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I have my Own website of the nutritionist group and i want to know about how to increase the leads through online marketing. Please help me.
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    You should start by facebook advertising, i think. Because getting organic results through google will take time?
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    You can start with design creative wallpapers and sharing them on FB, Twitter, G+, Linkedin and Pinterest with hashtags + Keywords on regular basis. That will surely get you traffic and conversion.

    if you are you looking for SEO (as Online Marketing Way), follow Diversified Links Strategy:

    Unique Descriptions for Bookmark and Tier 2 Submissions
    Unique Blogs Writing and Submissions
    Edu Links
    Tier 2 Submissions
    Profile Links
    High DA/TF Blogs Submissions
    Tier 2 Submissions of High DA Blogs
    Social Media Submissions of High DA Blogs

    SEO Implementation Strategy:
    15% Main Keywords
    40-45% LSI (8-10 Types of LSI)
    Rest - Naked URLs/Branded Names
    Drip Feed

    Hope, that helps.

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    You can start Online Marketing From Facebook Marketing or If You Have More budget you can even Go for Google Adwords.

    But on other terms You should also start doing Seo for Getting Organic Results in the Near Future.

    Hope You get some Idea Now..

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    Originally Posted by The Nutritionist Group View Post

    I have my Own website of the nutritionist group and i want to know about how to increase the leads through online marketing. Please help me.

    Have you created a profile of your perfect customer? You need to be very clear and focused about who you want to serve with your business. Just increasing leads could cause you a lot of expense and effort if those leads don't convert into paying customers. So be very clear about who you are going after as a prospect and what you might do to provide that person with value in your niche.

    Focus on the wants/needs/desires of your audience (targeted prospects.) Understand their pain points, their problems, their struggles, their hopes and dreams - these are the things that form the basis of "solutions" you can sell to your prospects in the niche.

    In summary . . . and before you lay money down to advertise your business and services to get leads . . . understand perfectly who your want to serve and what those people want and desire in your niche. If you do that, you will be able to go after leads that will be anxious to spend money with you.

    Always remember, this business of Internet marketing is all about answering the prospect's question: "What's in it for me?" (WIIFM)

    The best to you in your new venture,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    You have to increase your targeted traffic. To attract your Audience. You need to make satisfy your audience by anything. Thanks
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    You mentioned that you have your own website and you want to increase your leads.
    Does your website include a capture form?
    What are you doing now to promote your website?
    Are you building an email list?

    There are 101 ways to market your business online.
    Regardless of which platform you choose to advertise
    on, you will still need these basic pages.

    1. Landing page to peak interest
    2. Capture page where you offer to give them more info
    3. Opportunity page where you share info and ask them to join

    This is also known as a sales funnel. Once you have it
    in place, you are ready to advertise. I suggest you choose
    just one method of promotion and work with it until you
    are turning a profit. Then move on to another platform
    if you wish.
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    I like facebooks ads for this of course but there are many things that can make a difference and get you going. a facebook fan page for your brand, pintrest, instagram, etc but each of these should point all the traffic you get from them back to your website and an optin form to collect email leads, hope this helps!
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    paid ads like FB ads, bing, 7 search etc.
    solo ads/email swipes
    youtube video ads

    free traffic take time and now days it even harder
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    How to Guides & Blogging Tutorials
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      Should i make a fb account for my client and run ads for quick sales or should i promote it on instagram first? Which one is better for quick conversions? Im working beauty/makeover niche. Thanks!
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  • There are a lot of ways to promote your website. But I suggest you do more than one marketing strategy so you can get as many sources of traffic as possible. The first thing you can do is to optimize your website with SEO, then do the free and/or paid methods (Google and Bing ads). Social media sites are also good marketing platforms that you can incorporate with your other marketing strategies.
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    Start a Youtube Channel. And think of something out of the box. Something that no one has thought of before. Then start a FB fan page and Twitter and connect it all to the YT channel.

    Keep updating them and making videos everyday.

    Like I said "Out of the box" stuff...............
    i.e the daily adventure of your pet hamster, or maybe a video of yourself brushing your teeth while flushing the toilet and at the same time throwing darts at donald trump's face on the wall.

    Some crazy sh@t like that
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  • Thank you for all for giving me all of your suggestions, I will try to apply these all type of methods and also if i feel that i want some another information regarding online marketing then i will again post here my problem.
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    I would suggest you take the time to become familiar with how to build and establish a relationship with an email list. Email marketing is a great method to establish yourself and generate results. Stay focused and committed.


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