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Hi, I was a very active member in a forum I and have way more then 1,000 quality posts there (well, I was Head Admin, so I am supposed to ).

My question is: If I add a keyword optimized link to my site, will I get 1000+ backlinks at once? And if so ... will I get penalized for this in google. This link explosion wouldn´t seem very natural though...

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    well you have to ask this one to Allen, msg him i am sure he can help you out in getting those posts back and having your signature link to all those ...

    It will be far better now .. as the PR of the forum is now PR4 and with new features ... you'll enjoy much more benefits to all your links...

    Reminds me .. I guess its about time I should add mine too ;-)

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    It's good question. Theoretically, it's a link explosion but then again it's from a forum. I'm not sure how Google would treat forum links. But from my observation, links from forums doesn't get much link love because the forum topics where your link is at varies and are not always related to your link. So its kinda like a bad backlink since the content from the thread may not be related to signuture link.

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      I have done something similar with just under 1,000 signature posts and i did not notice any adverse effects and it took several weeks for them all to be recognized by the search engines anyway.
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