My 1-Year progress after ACTIVELY trying to succeed

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What's up my friends! I just wanted to drop in and let everyone know how I'm doing on my Internet Marketing Journey so far.

I became interested in IM about 5+ years ago, and in that time I have learned how to build basic Wordpress sites and create digital products that I can sell from my website. My first website was decent, but it wasn't something that I felt that I could stick with for a long-term period of time (5+ years). I still managed to make money from the site (I sold at least one copy of every "ebook" or "bundle" that I ever created).

So after realizing that I could create things on my computer and sell them on the Internet, I became obsessed with the idea that I could actually make a full-time living with it.

It's been just about 1 year now that I have actually stopped just "dabbling", and started to actually put a solid effort into it. For the last year I have been working on this website for 40+ hours per week. I took a few weeks off here or there, but I've been pretty consistent with it for the last year. This website is my first REAL TRY at succeeding.

My methods of monetization are:

1.) Access to a "members-only" section of my site, which I sell for a 1-time fee for lifetime access
2.) An eBook
3.) A Donation button

It's been about 1 year since that website has been launched, and here are my current stats.

Website Traffic (going by "sessions" in google analytics: About 75 sessions per day
People on my non-buyers email list: 87
People on my buyers email list: 4
YouTube Subscribers: Just over 4000
Monthly earnings each month for the last 3 months: About $170 each month
Monthly earnings for the first few months that my site was monetized (4 to 8 months ago): Between $50 and $100

I still have a lot of work to do. I'm trying to juggle:

1.) Adding content to the paid section of the site
2.) Creating more free content
3.) Fighting to get a steady flow of traffic to my site
4.) Trying to figure out how to effectively market to my mailing list

So that's my year-in-review of how my first year is looking. My goal is to hit a consistent $3K per month.

Just thought that I'd share.
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