Don't Have Time & Don't Want 'Em

by Tracy Yates 0 replies
I'm not sure where's the best place to post this at, so maybe you all can offer me some input.

I've got a series of "special reports" that I wrote up a while ago I called "the Online Biz Killer" report series.

Thus far, I've gotten 2 completely finished, and there are 6 more left to write up.

I don't have the time, nor the inclination to do them any longer and I want to get rid of the entire series. Obviously selling it.

So, where should I do this? Inside the WSO section, to my list of subscribers, or somewhere else?

I want to give up full rights to the entire series, so I suppose you could call it PLR or whatever, but it would be exclusive. Hope this isn't too confusing

I appreciate all your input guys and gals.

P.S. - If this post would be better somewhere other than the main forum, please feel free to move it Allen or any other senior mods
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