Who's the best affiliate network for converting straight sale?

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Hello ninjas!

I have a straight sale CBD capsules offering im working on. Who is the best at converting straight sales?

Weird, and probably a biased answer question... but im interested in your arguments regarding best converter.

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    depends on if you are selling your pills or something else. is this still about pills?
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        Originally Posted by slcjohn View Post

        Hi there. CBD capsules.
        It's amazing what people will buy into!

        Go out in your yard, pick some grass and random weeds, now mix it with isopropyl or some other "solvent." Boil the mixture under pressure until it's a black, tarry goo. Put it in capsules and you have the exact same thing.

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    What is the 'best' pizza? New York thin-crust or Chicago deep-dish? Think about your question.

    Thank you.

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    affiliate networks do not convert sales. it is the marketers/affiliates. They all have good ones ad bad ones. It is up to you to recruit the best of the best. Networks will not do that for you

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    is this a place to review products?
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      Originally Posted by heatherp22 View Post

      is this a place to review products?
      Definitely not.

      Not only is your question "off topic" for this thread, but you are in the wrong section.

      Try the Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings section.


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    It depends on what you are selling. For digital products I would say clickbank or paydotcom
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